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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 73 - CHEST MONSTER 2.0
Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo

Published on 2 weeks ago

In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7 on the Hermitcraft server, Mumbo works on his new Hermitcraft base! After the HCBBS meaning was revealed to be Hermitcraft Big Base Swap, and Mumbo's base swapped with GoodTimesWithScar, he begun working on cleaning up the Scar Chest Monster by building a huge Minecraft bulk storage system, making use of Minecraft storage Silos and Minecraft automatic sorting systems.

shulker box unloader: https://video.skardus.com/watch/Vp17vDuMHAQ

Filming channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumboJumbo2
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

Comments :

Gruve Xp '

Gruve Xp ' . 3 hours ago

instead of 99999 chests just store shulker boxes in the chest

Epicnoob136 . 11 hours ago

Me: kinda idle watching Mumbo: *scar's super fast build mode music* Me: wait so scar has a voice changer this episode?! Also me: Oooooooooooh
Albina Capote

Albina Capote . 12 hours ago

It's time for Game-Time

It's time for Game-Time . 22 hours ago

"Now I have more wood, not like I needed anymore- wha- wh- hu-, scar why do you have this much wood!?!?!?" I'm dying from laughter sorry

Majin2222 . 1 day ago

Hi mumbo, don't know if you can read this but your adjustment of item filters doesn't really work with a lot of item, the redstone torch burns out and let through everything...I just added a repeater and two blocks and that repaired it ! don't know if you've had this problem with your system.
Nick Topinopolis

Nick Topinopolis . 1 day ago

Childhood dream? Imma grown-ass-man wishing I could build a quarter of that!
Courtney Cooper

Courtney Cooper . 2 days ago

Was just happily humming the time-lapse music when my brain did a 360 realising that I was in fact watching a Mumbo video 😂
Shane Mcfarlane

Shane Mcfarlane . 2 days ago

He used scars time lapse music
Ansley Skelton

Ansley Skelton . 2 days ago

At 16:15 Mumbo talked as if scar was going to get his base back, foreshadowing??
Robert Kamminga

Robert Kamminga . 2 days ago

O m f g He is doing it again. He always makes these storage systems so that when the bottom chest is emptied, the chest above will keep it items.
Madian Antar

Madian Antar . 2 days ago

1:51 that’s what she said
Max W

Max W . 2 days ago

Am I the only one that got the Etho pun?
Lukas Nogueira

Lukas Nogueira . 2 days ago

0:48, 1:07, 1:42, 4:54, 5:37, 6:26, 7:47, 10:52, 18:54, 20:33
Enchanted Kloof

Enchanted Kloof . 3 days ago

Scar's amount of resources are honestly ridiculous
Ho Arthur

Ho Arthur . 3 days ago

Maybe you can make a circulatory water stream to prevent item overflowing.
Kane Everitt

Kane Everitt . 3 days ago

i feel a little dull that you switched your base. Scars base is huge and ( no offense ) a little but more detailed but still, your base took you so much and i think you should build a think that says if you want your base back come in here in pacific somewhere because i just dont like it for some reason.
Aryaan Patel

Aryaan Patel . 3 days ago

Origami Ahsoka

Origami Ahsoka . 3 days ago

“I’m just a useless person in general” “I accidentally mistook these nether lamps for netherite” Mumbo, I love you so much lmao
Kalen Griffin

Kalen Griffin . 3 days ago

I was only half paying attention at the beginning and I thought I was watching a Scar video
Měiwèi húntún

Měiwèi húntún . 3 days ago

Me the whole time watching him build the collosal sorting system: 0__________0 neet

FlamingMonkey0 . 3 days ago

etho slab... ethoslab

ICON . 3 days ago

i realised it was scars music immediately
Cyrus Ochsenfeld

Cyrus Ochsenfeld . 3 days ago

the timelapse musicc
Yacåp Tepp Tipp

Yacåp Tepp Tipp . 3 days ago

The scar-music😍

DerpyMandarin . 4 days ago

That storage system is bigger than most of my bases
Liam Hodgson

Liam Hodgson . 4 days ago

the Etho slab is only the start. Wait until you find the Cody Slab in your inventory!

Exisss . 4 days ago

People: i cant buy a rtx 3090, i just want to play cyberpunk at max settings Mumbo jumbo: *awkward meme* i have a rtx 3090 for minecraft without shaders
Miles Loughmiller

Miles Loughmiller . 4 days ago

omg super fast build mode makes everything better
Lewis Moger

Lewis Moger . 4 days ago

Couldn't you add a shulker box system in so all the items get separated into different shulkers which then get stored in the chests? It would cost less redstone items and a bit more time? Just an idea.
DeathWillCome 2928

DeathWillCome 2928 . 4 days ago

0:49 "I'm a pretty useless person" how is mumbo jumbo one of the smartest people that understands redstone
mario yu

mario yu . 4 days ago

The lean double neurochemically command because look broadly start pro a skinny elizabeth. fabulous, interesting thing
Natural Soda

Natural Soda . 4 days ago

I made something similar but it wasn’t flat vertical. It was bulky horizontal. It filled shulker boxes with items and stored them. I loved the video!

EcavE . 5 days ago

12:32 Why cobble-slab there
Evan Schubert

Evan Schubert . 5 days ago

Wow that storage system is DAFT!
Lorenzo Arts&Playz

Lorenzo Arts&Playz . 5 days ago

Kevin Jetten

Kevin Jetten . 5 days ago

But mumbo, you should use the 2 braincells to create a new type of silo, when it fills up the chests it should automatically empty the items downwards as you pick up items out of it
Hunter Bundy

Hunter Bundy . 5 days ago

Etho slab= Etho’s Lab
Matthew Sobkowicz

Matthew Sobkowicz . 5 days ago

Etho Slab... Etho’s Lab
soiung toiue

soiung toiue . 5 days ago

that moment when scar inserts dirt named wdejktjhtrerhe be like

Ahsram . 5 days ago

I mean, do you see how many chests he has? He definitely needs that much wood. Then the chest monster can expand

ZacTheLegend . 5 days ago

I thought I was watching a @sypherpk video

Nocx . 5 days ago

Mumbo moves into scar's base and then tries to do an elytra flying course... This isn't gonna end well.

2000er . 5 days ago

Use redstone skills to make a cool shulker filling and sorting machine. - No Place 400 chest just like Scar but above each other instead of next to each other. - That's the way
Intermoutain Doll House

Intermoutain Doll House . 5 days ago

It looks like a mid western bulk grain silo
Brodin Roo

Brodin Roo . 5 days ago

No storage system is better than pewdiepie

FallBrick . 5 days ago

Imagine Mumbo Drag clicked his rockets in the elytra race!!!
Kelli Morris

Kelli Morris . 6 days ago

Who else got excited when they heard Scar's time-lapse music?
Zapcircuit ideas

Zapcircuit ideas . 6 days ago

super man 64 (if anyone knows what im talking about)

Dolphone . 6 days ago

mumbo: uses scar's timelapse music me: wait, that's illegal.................................................................................buuut, I LIKE IT!
Te Atarau

Te Atarau . 6 days ago

Mumbo, next time you are doing the same redstone work over and over, just use redstone repeaters. It repeats the redstone you just built.

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