Dallas Mavericks vs Philadelphia 76ers - Full Game Highlights | February 25, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season

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Comments :


UntoastedToast . 1 month ago

Cmon Boban, how u missin so many lays 0:38
Mr. Excitement

Mr. Excitement . 1 month ago

Dallas has entirely too much talent to look like garbage. This is getting embarrassing for them.
Mr. Excitement

Mr. Excitement . 1 month ago

Why are they not playing porzingas?
Ice Man

Ice Man . 1 month ago

Caulie Stein is so fkn trash...man looks lost af...hes weak/scrawny and so uncoordinated
Ted Hickasuck

Ted Hickasuck . 1 month ago

Miss Dwight Howard on the Lakers manπŸ˜“
mcronn 100

mcronn 100 . 1 month ago

Sixers chemistry is looking good doc's coaching is working good to see seth back . nets/Sixers eastern conference finals nets win in 6.
Michael X

Michael X . 1 month ago

im honestly annoyed with this fake crowd noise
Pound Trader

Pound Trader . 1 month ago

i feel sorry for boston because their window is closing in the east

R TN . 1 month ago

Sixers need to pick up Demarcus Cousins immediately. He can help their bench at the four alongside dewight Howard
Gary Augustus

Gary Augustus . 1 month ago

2:06...Simmons to Brunson, "Get back, dust..."
Jody Breeze

Jody Breeze . 1 month ago

Tim hardaway jr’s game is hella consistent. Bruh is underrated af
John C

John C . 1 month ago

Love the game of basketball but the fake "aww" sigh after every play is annoying
Educators In Common

Educators In Common . 1 month ago

Kenny is right. "Play like Rondo." People like "what?" The secret is DOC man. He brings that leadership and maturity to this team. He knows what it takes. It takes guys like Rondo! Young, awesome athleticism and ballerism, poor shot (for nba), but great around the rim-- Rondo is actually my favorite player of all time. I LOVE that he can shoot the 3 now!!! I loved those 08-09 Celtics. So DOC is the key. Best coach in the league too. I love how he understands ROLES. You have to balance and compliment each other. He's getting guys to buy in, and it shows. Now Simmons can be Simmons, and fly around the court. You know who you got to offset with that? Seth Curry! GREAT shot and 3 pt threat, with good dribbling and play making. He's like a reverse Ben Simmons. They compliment each other greatly. Green is a mid to long range star And EMBID is turning into a grown ass man under DOCS tutelage. I love it. If he can grow up before AD, it's lights out. Dominant BIG MAN, and a 3? Still, he'll have to beat the Joker... EMBID could be Batman if he grew up. DOC gonna give it to em, mac. Celts sorely need that medicine. ~ What do you think? PHI could do it, they just might! Keep growing.

Devastinator . 1 month ago

BlockoCity TV

BlockoCity TV . 1 month ago

Doc rivers got em right no cap

CollinsK85 . 1 month ago

GO SIXERS!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ€πŸ™Œ
L Rob

L Rob . 1 month ago

Ben put the clamps on Luka tonight. Get Luka some bail money
Jack Andrews

Jack Andrews . 1 month ago

Why does the crowd sound like wii sports
Mike Jones

Mike Jones . 1 month ago

404 Network Error Luka Doncic Defense Not Found
RJ -

RJ - . 1 month ago

Anyone wants the injury prone Porzingis? We'll trade him for a bag of chips. Dont even know where this back injury came from.
All 4 1

All 4 1 . 1 month ago

The west 8th seed is pulling away fast
Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner . 1 month ago

Ben simmons had his son luka donchoke in the carseat tonight during the game

KingBaller . 1 month ago

seth and danny were great pick-ups man
Johnathan Robinson

Johnathan Robinson . 1 month ago

Nice to see Simmons finally playing aggressive
Nate Cooper

Nate Cooper . 1 month ago

Hope we can hold this 1 seed
Rap God Reloaded

Rap God Reloaded . 1 month ago

Finally we got some fans in the stands.
Kevin DurGoat

Kevin DurGoat . 1 month ago

Why can't Philly lose? All I want is the 1 seed.
Eleanor Mcdonald

Eleanor Mcdonald . 1 month ago

The slow armenian interstingly rely because sound radiologically curl toward a resonant sense. quirky, curious law
Joshua P

Joshua P . 1 month ago

Letts good sixers!!!
Monique Robinson

Monique Robinson . 1 month ago


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