House of Highlights

House of Highlights

Published on 1 month ago

New Orleans Pelicans vs Milwaukee Bucks - Full Game Highlights | February 25, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season

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Comments :

Lihua Wang

Lihua Wang . 1 month ago

giannas just gets destroyed every night
Ophiophagus Hannah

Ophiophagus Hannah . 1 month ago

hornets announcer is the best
David Bubar

David Bubar . 1 month ago

0:07 Nah Zion was just mad cause Giannis got credit for his layup here
Chosen One

Chosen One . 1 month ago

if you think about it thats kind of offensive, to underestimate someone and look away.

xiploc . 1 month ago

zionis willakoumpo
Maurice Anderson

Maurice Anderson . 1 month ago

SMH...Chis Webber was a great Player! Commenter .....please fired him
Early REED

Early REED . 1 month ago

Where is the punishment at? 😐SMDH. You be trippin wit the titles....
Jay Patel

Jay Patel . 1 month ago

This will be the season that pushes giannis to the edge and he will demand a trade

grokker99 . 1 month ago

Zion is such a beast
Raeee TV

Raeee TV . 1 month ago

Real ball players know, Chris Webber be rambling like this on 2k as well .. smh
Mitchell Li

Mitchell Li . 1 month ago

giannis was piss scared of zion lmao
Christopher BF1

Christopher BF1 . 1 month ago

Zion is cool. But what about Lamelo? JKJK
P. garcia

P. garcia . 1 month ago

giannis is strong but he's no where near zion strength
Jon A

Jon A . 1 month ago

Chris Webber the worst analyst in nba history. He forever fumbling and making mistakes like his timeout at Michigan
Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd . 1 month ago

C Webb is so fuckin trash
MoMo Blue

MoMo Blue . 1 month ago

There is two Giannas in the game
Yourealdaddy420 !

Yourealdaddy420 ! . 1 month ago

666th like

GMF GMF . 1 month ago

Nigga said beautiful finish by Giannis this is meat riding at its finest 🍖🚲
Blake Martin

Blake Martin . 1 month ago

Ig webber finally settling into his comfort zone. Dude used to sound soooo damn corny trying to fit in.
Blake Martin

Blake Martin . 1 month ago

I take it’s Webber commentating. Dudes a clown lol swear you would’ve thought he was a 70 year old white man from the suburbs when he first started broadcasting just a few years ago.
Arrell Ehn Israel

Arrell Ehn Israel . 1 month ago

Zion is scared of Obadiah.
Thomas Musto

Thomas Musto . 1 month ago

I read zion punches giannis i must be dyslexic
Xinxin Wang

Xinxin Wang . 1 month ago

1980s:magic vs bird 1990s: Jordan vs rest 2000: Kobe vs duncan 2010: LeBron vs Durant 2020s: giannis vs zion
Tooley _43

Tooley _43 . 1 month ago

That nigga hefty
Mary Reinsmith

Mary Reinsmith . 1 month ago

Y is he looking do they not communicate
Jahi X

Jahi X . 1 month ago

Bruh giannis and Zion pretty much got the same haircut 😂. Welcome to wakanda beeeatchh
Jason Tuscaloosa

Jason Tuscaloosa . 1 month ago

Must watch players: LeBron, Zion, Luka & Steph.

Bob . 1 month ago

I read it Zion pushes Giannis for looking away
Eric Sparks

Eric Sparks . 1 month ago

I am so excited about the future of the NBA, so much great young talent.
Kyler Morgan

Kyler Morgan . 1 month ago

Followed up by Zion getting boxed out allowing the offensive put back 👀
JCL Systems

JCL Systems . 1 month ago

Zion has great Instincts and Touch to pair perfectly with his Explosion and Power💪🏾🔥💯
Philly Joe Jones

Philly Joe Jones . 1 month ago

Big baby gon shoot🏀
J. M.

J. M. . 1 month ago

Webber: Nice finish by Giannis Me: We can throw hands if you want...
vietman x

vietman x . 1 month ago

Every time I see these excerpts with Webber on the call, it's him saying the wrong name, the wrong team, or not understanding what's happening on the court.

Zach . 1 month ago

In context: Also loses track of his man backdoor on the opposite end, allowing an offensive rebound and putback. His net effect on the game in this clip is 0.
Nebula Hendrix

Nebula Hendrix . 1 month ago

Fyi real hoopers know when a defenders is looking around he's wondering where the defensive help is going to come from😅👌🏽🏀💯Facts
JAT Trill

JAT Trill . 1 month ago

That what you call, Getting caught slippin lol
Copyright Free Music On Youtube

Copyright Free Music On Youtube . 1 month ago

0:08 I can tell they stopped testing for weed 😂😂

Reelmuzikfein . 1 month ago

I hope Zion doesn’t get injured man smh
Vino Da Hustla

Vino Da Hustla . 1 month ago

Chris webber had to be high asf. He was confusing the teams and the score pretty much all 1st half🤦🏽‍♂️
Dewaun Mahone

Dewaun Mahone . 1 month ago

Khris Middleton said dont forget im A snub too lol

OTKP . 1 month ago

Chris Webber always rambling and not staying focused on the game "Beautiful Finish By Giannis" What?
Ramiro Sanchez

Ramiro Sanchez . 1 month ago

I thought the title read “Zion PUNCHES Giannis for looking away” I’m over here waiting for a punch to be thrown 🤦🏻‍♂️

YungNando . 1 month ago

Dirk Diggler

Dirk Diggler . 1 month ago

A lay up is punishment? Thought he got dunked on..

Trump24 . 1 month ago

Zion and lamelo are so hyped.
Andrew Ku

Andrew Ku . 1 month ago

"beautiful finish by Giannas" you mean Zion?

wildbat909 . 1 month ago

wow really "punished" him good like my mother used to haha soooo weakk jam that you big oaf
Paul Christopher Little

Paul Christopher Little . 1 month ago

0:08 beautiful finish by Giannis lol
Paul George [COD M]

Paul George [COD M] . 1 month ago

I'm gonna turn into Lebron and trade for him

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