Gideon Shalwick - Splasheo

Gideon Shalwick - Splasheo

Published on 10 years ago

Ever wonder how to create Apple style videos and make your videos look a lot more professional?

Those videos where they have that nice white as snow background and crystal clear quality image?

Having videos like that displaying your products or simply just advertising your business can make a big difference for making your videos look more professional - just like Apple does!

Inside today's video, I show you exactly how to create "Apple looking" videos and make your videos look more professional using some very simple, and also affordable, equipment.

Don't forget to leave your question below and I'll do my best to respond...

Gideon Shalwick

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Comments :

Zero 9999

Zero 9999 . 2 months ago

I love the white background and wish one too! Life wil be so much easy if the Phone Company just Creating the theme background in too the phone🤔 we got far to camera, filtre, text, and more.. why not a background (?)🌻🤔
Andrew Harrison

Andrew Harrison . 2 months ago

What color temperature do you use ok the subject lighting? Does it need to be the same as the backdrop?

wornoutshoes11 . 7 months ago

The way he pronounces garage bother me a lot. Wtf 😄✌️

RJ ANIMATIONS . 8 months ago

Elip property 360

Elip property 360 . 9 months ago

What gadgets do you use making video Mic Camera Software Tripod
Alex Darip

Alex Darip . 2 years ago

Saj Huss

Saj Huss . 2 years ago

How do I get to show texts or images on the white background like you did in this video?
Maksim Huzmiev

Maksim Huzmiev . 3 years ago

Hey bro! You tell about how to make more professional videos while your own video is difficult to watch
Angie Bynoe

Angie Bynoe . 3 years ago

What about your microphone?

deadendkid1968 . 3 years ago

What the hell did this have to do with apples...
Kartik Singh

Kartik Singh . 3 years ago

brother ur background is having a bit bluish tint idk is it camera's fault or whatever but u can easily correct it in post production

NicoleKristine . 3 years ago

Wow this is awesome!!

MelvinsHue . 3 years ago

Can you use led lights to light the white background? What frame rate would you suggest shooting at?
Steve Siegwalt

Steve Siegwalt . 3 years ago

Looking forward to speaking with you this morning! :^}
Terry Kendrix

Terry Kendrix . 3 years ago

Ty so much
Ranjit Ratnaike

Ranjit Ratnaike . 3 years ago

Greetings from Australia. Thank you for this brilliantly simple, most helpful video. You are a gifted teacher with a wonderful communicating style. Best wishes. Flabbergasted that more people did not appreciate what you have done!!!!
yehiel dahan

yehiel dahan . 4 years ago

very nice. what brand and model is your mic? your sound is superb!
aDis RannaGhar

aDis RannaGhar . 4 years ago

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Natural Self-Reliance J Lebec

Natural Self-Reliance J Lebec . 4 years ago

X Blake Freeman X

X Blake Freeman X . 4 years ago

2 minute into is far from necessary
Al- Baidha'

Al- Baidha' . 4 years ago

i want to ask a question, what app did you use for explaining through that drawing thing in this video ?
Technical VanJain

Technical VanJain . 4 years ago

thanks your are great .
Jorge Juan Questra

Jorge Juan Questra . 4 years ago

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Carolin von Petzholdt

Carolin von Petzholdt . 4 years ago

6000 Lumens Twin Head LED Work Light work as well ?
Bhushan Nikhar

Bhushan Nikhar . 4 years ago

Katie Curtis

Katie Curtis . 4 years ago

This was super well thought out, thank you!
I love little pet shops Love

I love little pet shops Love . 4 years ago

It won't let me watch it!

bhavnashankar . 4 years ago

Grt tips ! thank you ! your voice and the way you speak is really good to hear ;)
renee barbee

renee barbee . 4 years ago

i recorded my voice however i want to make a board room maybe animated people in the video how do i do that

Kil . 4 years ago

garage or (Gay rage)
Bartosz O.

Bartosz O. . 4 years ago

How much WATTS does the bulbs have and what is the temperature in K? I was trying with umbrellas and four 5500K, 85W bulbs but the white background is not so bright, and the talent is gray..
Waterford Enterprise

Waterford Enterprise . 4 years ago

Try the latest in video effects! I'm sold! Cheaper than the competition! Video Maker FX.
Palm Beach County Affordable Online Marketing

Palm Beach County Affordable Online Marketing . 4 years ago

Very interesting and informative video. Video marketing is getting easier to do with the smart phones offering High Definition, coupled with some inexpensive video editing equipment you can develop your brand expidiously using the amazing power of video marketing. Do not forget to optimize your videos with your keywords for maximum effectiveness.
AK Coaching Centre

AK Coaching Centre . 4 years ago

truthwillrule X

truthwillrule X . 4 years ago

why not just edit and put a white background

Millerturq . 4 years ago

It's literally 5x easier to just hire a freelancer. It saves so much time, especially if you find a good one that you can trust and continue to work with. I've tried a few for my business, but I've finally found the one that I can stick with. She does everything I ask and then some more. Everytime I check it out I'm beyond satisfied with the results, and feel like I'm ripping her off. You can find the freelancer I use at:

BorbaYoga . 4 years ago

Thank you! :)
Revan Shamas

Revan Shamas . 4 years ago

Hello everyone. My question is my upload video on the Facebook. Ive recorded a video from iPhone and it was very clear and so pure but when I upload it it doesn't look like the same. Its looking so unclear why and how can I fix this problem:((
Jahera Sultana Jwoty

Jahera Sultana Jwoty . 4 years ago
Stephanie Clairmont, RD

Stephanie Clairmont, RD . 4 years ago

Gideon do you have any videos or tips on filming cooking? I have a galley kitchen so it's not ideal, I would appreciate your advice!
Tech HUB

Tech HUB . 4 years ago

waow awesome help from your side but for a new youtuber like me it gonna cost hard don't you think so..
Abdurrahman 17

Abdurrahman 17 . 5 years ago

watch my video and im watch back,comment if done.

Hedgerow . 5 years ago

Great video, thanks Gideon!

KEEVVY . 5 years ago

If only apple made the iphone updates profesional😄
Sherri Hart Schmidt

Sherri Hart Schmidt . 5 years ago

I decided actually sell some ideas does any one have sum of these connections instead of others,be in charge over our own life. Join Hart under Palm new not secret society. Join us at Victoria,Tx. Faith Family Church.
Cargadores Originales

Cargadores Originales . 5 years ago

very nice video keep the good work from colombia
Gustavo Norberto

Gustavo Norberto . 5 years ago

Hi Gideon, thanks for the advices. How many Watts each light? Is it LightPro, right? Do you know/recommend any other brand that does a good job too?

SEJAL FICHADIA . 5 years ago

Jack Mckenzie

Jack Mckenzie . 5 years ago

I found this so helpful great video! What's the camera you use?
Time Marches On

Time Marches On . 5 years ago

Kino-flow Lights

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