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Katy Perry - Firework (Live from Celebrating America Inauguration Special)
Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Published on 1 month ago

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Comments :

Anabel Toledo

Anabel Toledo . 7 minutes ago

Ulysses Albacite

Ulysses Albacite . 9 minutes ago

who is that second couples?

Thealan2142 . 18 minutes ago

Who care the world, celebrating with fireworks is more important
Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee . 36 minutes ago

Abe’s ghost in the background...”Nicely Done Young Lady”
Bethy Felder

Bethy Felder . 47 minutes ago

The whole world was American on this day ❤🤍💙 thankyou brothers and sisters amongst the world.
Reality Joppert

Reality Joppert . 58 minutes ago

Alijah Stafford

Alijah Stafford . 3 hours ago

She good
Kathryn Collins

Kathryn Collins . 3 hours ago

I would love to hear Margie Mays sing this song
l3o_depa 08 big

l3o_depa 08 big . 4 hours ago

Ciaoooo chi è itaaa????????
Kathleen Motta

Kathleen Motta . 4 hours ago

Queen ❤

deadlilies . 4 hours ago

God bless Kathy this was awesome

BabyJee9 . 5 hours ago

يا جعله صواريخ نازله على امريكا
Daniele palo

Daniele palo . 5 hours ago

Katy Perry i love You
Lukáš Metelka

Lukáš Metelka . 5 hours ago

Diego Deco

Diego Deco . 5 hours ago

Costantino Cicala

Costantino Cicala . 6 hours ago

i'm still here and i don't want to go
Martha Isabel Pita pita

Martha Isabel Pita pita . 7 hours ago

GREAT KATY PERRY keep it way you worked a lot , i admit you , you are my Motivation to keep ahead , Thanks 😇😎👍
José Luis

José Luis . 7 hours ago

I really liked how you sang you are idol
sakdipat saraipan

sakdipat saraipan . 10 hours ago

To anyone said She can’t live singer
Miguel Angel Fernández

Miguel Angel Fernández . 11 hours ago

her best performance in years. well done.
Nidha Noushad

Nidha Noushad . 11 hours ago

woah ...what an ending....
Scott Burk

Scott Burk . 11 hours ago

Check out YOUR new youtube video from god d a m n e d Sony and Amazon!
Sunarno pdm Tv

Sunarno pdm Tv . 11 hours ago

Enak, Yo dadi Terkenal koyo Ketty Perry
InsaneGamingIG BR

InsaneGamingIG BR . 11 hours ago

Me arrepiei todo
Umutcan Civelek

Umutcan Civelek . 12 hours ago

Jo bdon
Angry Charrua

Angry Charrua . 12 hours ago


emma . 13 hours ago

Her strong voice is so emotional! I'm moving.
N. F

N. F . 16 hours ago

Princess 1D

Princess 1D . 16 hours ago

its February ...anyone still cannot get over this?
Gericson Cortez Urrutia

Gericson Cortez Urrutia . 18 hours ago

I always be a Katycat!!!
Vitor Gabriel

Vitor Gabriel . 18 hours ago

Horrible. Her voice is so awful
cj 93004

cj 93004 . 19 hours ago

That must be bad for the environment 😕
Janet Gagnon

Janet Gagnon . 21 hours ago

Brings tears of joy every time I watch this.....which is often.
James Gabrielle F. Añonuevo

James Gabrielle F. Añonuevo . 21 hours ago

I don't feel any changes in her voice.... Go katty I love youu 💕🔥
jorge benavides rojas

jorge benavides rojas . 22 hours ago

worshiping the phallus of osiris.... and people do not realize?
Chaeng Laurent

Chaeng Laurent . 23 hours ago

So beautiful
Josh Marshall

Josh Marshall . 23 hours ago

God bless America. Diversity is a act but obedience is a must.
Juan Cortes Agudelo

Juan Cortes Agudelo . 24 hours ago

Wonderful, bravo

Riezeamore . 1 day ago

Cintia Yorleni

Cintia Yorleni . 1 day ago

I love this song 🎶 😳😳😘🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️
Guillermo Ordoñez

Guillermo Ordoñez . 1 day ago

Rachael Lewis

Rachael Lewis . 1 day ago

Watching them up smile up there on a stage while everyone else is suffering just made me feel like I'm apart of the hunger games XD
Rachael Lewis

Rachael Lewis . 1 day ago

Watching over a million dollars in fireworks go off while we sit here waiting for our stimulus. Meanwhile, every country out there is getting their stimulus on time, monthly.
Rachael Lewis

Rachael Lewis . 1 day ago

Poor katy perry. she was so nervous :( She's the best <3
Kadir Coşkun

Kadir Coşkun . 1 day ago

Veronica Villegas

Veronica Villegas . 1 day ago

Wow wow wow wow wow wow! I love it sis pretty oooo I had to feel 2021 jow Biden wow I love it it mami crie 😢🤗🤗🎆✨🎇🎆✨🎇🎆✨🎇😅😅🥰🥰🥰😘😎😎🎸😢😢😢
Roblox girl

Roblox girl . 1 day ago

I Love the song soo much Katy Perry is the best singer 🤩
Carlos Young

Carlos Young . 1 day ago

B Mr. mmbliqqi
Rita De Venezia

Rita De Venezia . 1 day ago

There is little left for 40,00 Of subscribers
Mayra Medina del Angel

Mayra Medina del Angel . 1 day ago

te amo

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