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Berchelt and Valdez Arrive at the MGM | REAL TIME EP. 1
Top Rank Boxing

Top Rank Boxing

Published on 2 months ago

On this episode of Top Rank Real Time, watch the arrivals of Miguel Berchelt, Oscar Valdez and more to officially kick off fight week.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, Mexican Warriors Collide: #MiguelBerchelt​ to Defend Super Featherweight World Title Against #OscarValdez​ February 20 LIVE on ESPN beginning at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

Berchelt and Valdez will face off in one of the most anticipated all-Mexican fistic showdowns in years.

Cancun’s Berchelt will defend his WBC super featherweight world title against Nogales native Valdez in a special Top Rank on ESPN telecast Saturday, Feb. 20.

Promoted by Top Rank, in association with Zanfer Promotions, #BercheltValdez​ and Flores-Cancio will be televised live on ESPN and ESPN Deportes at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.
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Comments :

Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy . 2 months ago

Does anyone know berchelt’s ringwalk song?? Estaba chida 🔥

LUISS BROWN . 2 months ago

Vamos Berchelt vamos 💯✌🇲🇽💥👋

forevertool . 2 months ago

What song are you picking up to come to the ring ? Berchelt responce Ooooo of course definitely PUTO from Molotov!!! that’s has no parental advisory explicit lirycs right?
Ian Alexander

Ian Alexander . 2 months ago

Who’s the douchbag asking about cuss words and if the guy gambled away all his Gucci?
Jesus Cardenas

Jesus Cardenas . 2 months ago

Oscar Valdez wins Also Andy Ruiz Virgil ortiz And canelo this

YungGloBoxing . 2 months ago

people really be commenting why is he asking his fav curse word? yall clowns for making more than it is just lil small talk, yall trippin
Notfrom Thisworld

Notfrom Thisworld . 2 months ago

Evil the guy who asked the guy to course straight from the pit of hell garbage
vlad mash TV

vlad mash TV . 2 months ago

4 pounds overweight at 130 few days before any big concerns for Valdez ?
Kumar Esparza

Kumar Esparza . 2 months ago

This damn near the same as ufc embedded

raphistorian . 2 months ago

Props to top rank for this in behind the scenes content.
UK BoxingSource

UK BoxingSource . 2 months ago

Frank Stea = Legend
Michael Hernandez

Michael Hernandez . 2 months ago

Nobody:..... Not a single soul:..... Los Pendejos: What’s your favorite curse word? 😂
Joaquin Rivera

Joaquin Rivera . 2 months ago

That guy at the beginning is an a hole....I believe Berchelt said Puto and was talking about him.
Sinaloa Mexico

Sinaloa Mexico . 2 months ago

I can’t stand Gabriel Flores hopefully he gets knocked outn
Bruh - Brah

Bruh - Brah . 2 months ago

I like these keep them up top rank . also stop hiring stupid people

DTM4581 . 2 months ago

Super excited, this will be a barn burner, it can’t be anything else.

Aaron . 2 months ago

4 lbs overweight???? What the hell.
aSh drAvEn crOw

aSh drAvEn crOw . 2 months ago

This will be fireworks One of them will have concussion after the fight!
Sean.L Rodriguez-Garcia

Sean.L Rodriguez-Garcia . 2 months ago

By the looks of it, Oscar Valdez needs a new weight cutting coach, you shouldn’t have to keep killing yourself to make weight especially at that high of a level, there are too many experts for him not to have a guy in his corner or if not move up a division if necessary I just hope he dosent compromise his health feeling that he needs to fight at that weight.
D OneAndDon

D OneAndDon . 2 months ago

What a Mismatch..Hahaha..Berchelt will K'o him pretty badly...some people think it will be close??HAhaha
Sean.L Rodriguez-Garcia

Sean.L Rodriguez-Garcia . 2 months ago

Why tf would they ask that question about the curse word and why would they still include it on the video?

MrJaimesJ . 2 months ago

That translator terrible

ripkerse . 2 months ago

Why are white ppl so cringey weird

Nairda . 2 months ago

Con todo mi alacrán 🔥🦂
Pedro Rodriguez

Pedro Rodriguez . 2 months ago

Bob arum needs to step it up cause ufc is smoking top rank in rating
sinnceer era

sinnceer era . 2 months ago

Alex Rezgui

Alex Rezgui . 2 months ago

The guy asking about his favorite curse word... wow that man is an imbecile, my goodness.

Vic . 2 months ago

I'm starting to watch the video and this just shows the ufc is even more professional with their fighters and organized with the safety protocols.

Vic . 2 months ago

0:44 como cuando vas a un exámen de inglés sin haber estudiado nada. 😂
Nuffin Muffin

Nuffin Muffin . 2 months ago

Instead of having them take pictures of the board etc why not have a booklet ready with all the important info in their room? Like the UFC do on fight Island. So unprofessional and unorganised. Especially when fighters are cutting weight not in the mood for bs, intern talking to them like like he's their homie. Wtf happened to being professional?

DanTaz998 . 2 months ago

“Next fight for the world title.” He doesn’t even have a world ranking .
Michael Mindiola

Michael Mindiola . 2 months ago

Flores' dad better be real careful with his mouth. His son has major vulnerabilities. A very suspect chin and easily hittable. When it all comes crashing down, he's going to learn what the word humble is
Shad Amin

Shad Amin . 2 months ago

Lol that’s my faveroute curse word to

I T . 2 months ago

I like Berhcelt a lot but Valdez has been one of my favorites for the past few years! I'm exicted for the fight but man I hope Valdez doesn't end up getting hurt too bad
Jose Anaya

Jose Anaya . 2 months ago

Si gana Barchelt sera uno de los Mejores boxeadores o el Mejor pero Valdez es otro gran Guerreeo Azteca va estar buena esta pinche Pelea
Jesse James

Jesse James . 2 months ago

Valdez working on cutting and alacran his on weight since a week ago.

nikebox407 . 2 months ago

How do you spend the first minute and some change letting some idiot weirdo talk about curse words and dumb shit
angelica hernandez

angelica hernandez . 2 months ago

Ulysses Morando

Ulysses Morando . 2 months ago

Ulysses Morando

Ulysses Morando . 2 months ago

Yeltssin Castle

Yeltssin Castle . 2 months ago

That translator in the beginning🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ how tf does he mixup “blanco” w/ “black” ?

Notsuchabadguy . 2 months ago

Loving the work and production value top rank is putting into promoting this fight. Outstanding effort, guys!
John Valencia

John Valencia . 2 months ago

5 star ⭐️ fight

2 HANDS . 2 months ago


2 HANDS . 2 months ago

If anybody believes oscar stands a chance it's over.

2 HANDS . 2 months ago

Gaaaaaaawd those fight shoes are awesome💯

2 HANDS . 2 months ago

That Covid test shit some hog wash just y'all just trying to kill good american/mexican american men from making a living. Smh

2 HANDS . 2 months ago

Berchelt is the GOAT AT 130 HES KNOCKING HIM OUT IN 4 OR LESS. #ElAlacran

DANNY Cruz . 2 months ago

Puros bultos dopados
Aaron Teran

Aaron Teran . 2 months ago

Where's ​the social distancing Valdez? you supposed to not hug anybody, thats' why you faced off far away with Berchelt it doesn't make any sense 4:20

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