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Britney Spears Cold Open - SNL
Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live

Published on 2 weeks ago

A talk show hosted by Britney Spears (Chloe Fineman) features guests Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant), Governor Andrew Cuomo (Pete Davidson) and Gina Carano (Cecily Strong).

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Comments :

Lou Frances

Lou Frances . 1 hour ago

Her dancing is perfect! 😂

UHFStation1 . 6 hours ago

TRL means? Also what is this note app?
Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell . 10 hours ago

Cringe af
Sehrish Rabab

Sehrish Rabab . 12 hours ago

Gina was cool
Jane Foster

Jane Foster . 24 hours ago

Caroline Wimberly

Caroline Wimberly . 1 day ago


JR FURY . 2 days ago

Governor Cuomo made an ORDER that put infected Covid patients in the nursing home resulting in deaths at the nursing home. It seem that this sketch plays down this scandal.
David Armillie

David Armillie . 2 days ago

LOL I watched it 3 times so far 2:14 #FreeBritney

Will . 2 days ago

Well, Ted Cruz never caused any elderly people to die and then covered it up.
h k

h k . 2 days ago

it was really nice of britney to bring the zodiac killer on her show
Pablo Gonzalez

Pablo Gonzalez . 2 days ago

Strong misunderstood women lol
Greg Rock

Greg Rock . 2 days ago

Gina Carano didn't say anything remotely like "Conservatives have it as bad as people living in Nazi Germany," but as with so many other things, if what actually happened isn't egregiously misrepresented and bruted around as something it was nowhere near...well then, the joke falls flat, doesn't it? While I thought her comments about mask-wearing and the pandemic were largely baseless-- if not to say a bit stupid at times-- I find there to be a real piquant irony in the fact that Carano called out liberals for straw-manning and misrepresenting political conservatives so as to demonize them, and for using bully-boy tactics to shutdown/silence/deplatform people they can't coerce into doing what they want...prompting liberals to show their outrage over such scurrilous accusations by doing exactly what she described. Over the past few years, SNL has managed to put strong writing and talented performers together to turn out some of the best sketch comedy the show ever did, all they way back to it's early heyday 35-40 years ago. Which makes it suck that much harder when they cheap out and fall back on weak crap like that.
poison ivy

poison ivy . 3 days ago

nice job throwing up occult hand gestures when talking about britney’s subliminal messages on instagram..... the useful idiots won’t catch it but i see you #FREEBRITNEY
Jesse Nunez

Jesse Nunez . 3 days ago

Jitana Martinez

Jitana Martinez . 3 days ago

Ironic how he’s being investigated for sexual harassment as well
Young 'Leb

Young 'Leb . 3 days ago

Aidy's Ted Cruz is my favorite
Lindsey Ergler

Lindsey Ergler . 3 days ago

You did awesome Pete 💕
Alfie Bart

Alfie Bart . 4 days ago

OMG the voice is sooo spot on LOL and the head tilt
Heidi F

Heidi F . 4 days ago

lol you guys are so biased🤡
harley quinn fan 101

harley quinn fan 101 . 4 days ago

if you didnt know the snl at 1000 was britney spears

bri . 4 days ago

Pete Davidson is the perfect Cuomo. I think we'll be seeing more of him as Cuomo now that there are 3 women accusing Cuomo of sexual misconduct.
Queenie Rieske

Queenie Rieske . 4 days ago

The uneven scallion analogously face because singer inherently punish into a boring trail. strange, teeny-tiny stocking

NF411 . 4 days ago

Chloe is fantastic. I can't remember the last time I saw SNL give a cold open lead to someone in their first two years on the show.
MarkY MarK

MarkY MarK . 4 days ago

The way Britney (her dancing) introduces Governor Andrew Cuomo LOL this is great comedy.

ThePrattLP . 4 days ago

Y'all didn't get the TRL joke.

StewAlmighty . 4 days ago

That's not what Gina said lmaooo
Luc Grillet

Luc Grillet . 5 days ago

one of the best skits in a long time
jestin robinson

jestin robinson . 5 days ago

I’m baffled that there aren’t more comments about how shitty this show has become. First off, Gina Carano doesn’t act like that at all. So it’s ok for you pieces of garbage to impersonate her and make her act like a man, because she’s would literally kick the shit out of everyone on that stage at the same time in real life? You have to rag on her because she’s a conservative? You people are a bunch of hypocrites and you have a horrible sense of humor if you still watch this show and think it’s funny. You cancel culture pussies.
rose b

rose b . 5 days ago

i love how cecily is physically unable to look at aidy without breaking.
Corette Jones

Corette Jones . 5 days ago

This THing was Gold!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
sehhi vooty

sehhi vooty . 5 days ago

“Yeah, but I’m on the upgrade list though.”😂
Beast EternalInferno

Beast EternalInferno . 5 days ago

abby elliot would've done better as britney, i think
Brian Koller

Brian Koller . 5 days ago

I'm flying through a big brother turn style. Down in the Subway. Girl you got the White Stuff. # Brian Koller # Impressed

InternetDork101 . 5 days ago

I love how this show is powered by the insanely unorthodox world we live in 😂😂
Jesse Sleight

Jesse Sleight . 6 days ago

Snl really shoved its liberal slant in our faces by making the 2 guests say not to compare themselves with Cruz and that she's first class and he's a can of soup or something like that
P.Y. The Leader

P.Y. The Leader . 6 days ago

what the fuck was this
Cassie Blythe

Cassie Blythe . 6 days ago

Horrible impression of Gina . Was this the best u could do? She's a badass so don't even try 🤣🤣👎👎👎
Marta Roquette

Marta Roquette . 6 days ago

I've never seen Pete Davidson with such a good acting - he didn't laughed
Nick Latino

Nick Latino . 6 days ago

I love when he's like when you die, I will not count your body
Genece Davis

Genece Davis . 6 days ago

I can’t with Ted Cruz’s hair and pina coloda... “hola!” 🤣
Josh S

Josh S . 6 days ago

“On Instagram, you said Conservatives have it as bad as people living in Nazi Germany.” Fact Check: FALSE. Gina Carano’s post never mentioned Republicans or Conservatives. Those who say she said that are putting words in her mouth.
Nik Tsouk

Nik Tsouk . 6 days ago

Pete sounds like Bernie

fournierman . 6 days ago

I love the remark about Disney World. So, so true.

rukia1216 . 6 days ago

As a Texan I mean this with my whole soul.......fuck Ted Cruz!
Ken Fox

Ken Fox . 6 days ago

Brittany is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

AAE . 6 days ago

Truly funny skit, I laughed out loud!

Mcheetah . 6 days ago

Except Gina never actually said that? And why is she so butch in this?
Bud Ganjaman

Bud Ganjaman . 6 days ago

Wow SNL has really jumped the shark... How is this $hit show still on???
We Love Entertainment

We Love Entertainment . 6 days ago

More andrew cuomo skits please!!
KaeD Scrivens

KaeD Scrivens . 7 days ago

"Well if you die on it.... they're going to move the body...."

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