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Jaden - Photograph


Published on 2 weeks ago

Jaden - Photograph (Official Music Video)
Official Music video for JADEN's Photograph
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She found a photograph
Known faces make her mad
Don’t care about all our fights
Or memories we had it in our bones
Baby girl we’re out of control
Wasting our energy

Woke up in Tennessee
Only you can piss me off
I’m staring at that hole inside my heart
But all we have is us
Cause you, you just found a special part of me
That’s sinkin me by pulling me down
And you are in the middle of the ocean and I need you right now
If I can’t love you I guess I will drown

She found our photograph
These tears can’t hold them back
And when I sleep at night
The dreams I have I fantasize of you
Tell me what to do

Thought I might write a song
Hoped you might sing along
O girl my head is gone
Our Paris stay O incredible I know
Tell me where to go

Cause you, you just found a special part of me
That’s sinkin me by pulling me down
And you are in the middle of the ocean and I need you right now
If I can’t love you I guess I’ll drown

#JADEN #Photograph #WavyBaby #CTV3

Comments :


Jaden . 2 weeks ago

Epic 🌊Shout Out To Justin Bieber For Being On Set With Me And Helping Me Film The Photograph Music Video Love You Bro.

SPXFFY . 16 minutes ago

Umm...This was beautifully made.

L. . 46 minutes ago

yuning ching

yuning ching . 53 minutes ago

Jaden could be an affection stone. Once you lay eyes on it a little bit longer than normal amount of time, it's gonna absorb all of them in you, If you ever get to own it.. It will give out more than an ocean's quantity of them for you (such as his songs.. I think they are scary) * fake comment
Fabio Jean

Fabio Jean . 54 minutes ago

I love you❤️😩😩😩
Blood Line

Blood Line . 57 minutes ago

LISA from Blackpink loves Jaden 🖤 She has a taste
Yuri Fadi

Yuri Fadi . 2 hours ago

Cette fois j’adore 🇨🇮 🇫🇷

LovefromUdy . 2 hours ago

ney ney

ney ney . 3 hours ago

Jadem me envanta tu estylo suave, las letras de tus canciones, tu voz, ese cielo rosa de tus videos.... i loveeeeeeeeee,
ney ney

ney ney . 3 hours ago

Me encantaaaaa!!!!!
C.K. L

C.K. L . 4 hours ago

Lo ame

J T . 4 hours ago

jaden smith is he a guy?
Su Pinheiro

Su Pinheiro . 4 hours ago

Fotografia melhor do que de muito filme
Rufaro Chivafa

Rufaro Chivafa . 5 hours ago


Pretty_Uglyy . 6 hours ago

This song makes me wanna get heart broken so it hits harder
Łįły ツ

Łįły ツ . 6 hours ago

To be honest Im here when i already finish watching " Life in the year " 🌺 .

Sopr_aa . 6 hours ago

This video give me anxiety and peace at the same time... guess I'm struggling like Jaden in this MV 😂😭
Sergy Beats

Sergy Beats . 6 hours ago

Yo it cool 😎 fam 🔥
Natasha Bertschi

Natasha Bertschi . 6 hours ago

Fell in love with this song and sky
Annabel George

Annabel George . 7 hours ago

a minute of silence for the people who can’t find this song...
Guadalupe Hernández

Guadalupe Hernández . 7 hours ago

Saludos desde Puebla
Priskila Septiani

Priskila Septiani . 7 hours ago

Sooo good 😭💕

S A . 10 hours ago

He is actually so beautiful. Like the song is already so perfect but somehow knowing Jaden sings it makes it even more appealing?? Idk how to explain it
Sabina Souza

Sabina Souza . 11 hours ago

Linda música 😍😍
Brittney lawson

Brittney lawson . 13 hours ago

Hes such a sweetheart 🤗❤
Josef Ferreira

Josef Ferreira . 13 hours ago

Guitar sounds like beetles blackbird
Nana Luthuli

Nana Luthuli . 13 hours ago

That’s my baby❤️
Komal Young

Komal Young . 14 hours ago

He's always right
You better Get Your Life

You better Get Your Life . 15 hours ago

He look like willow in the thumbnail
Calvin Kamei

Calvin Kamei . 15 hours ago

Thank you Jaden 🤧😷
Aziana Badong

Aziana Badong . 16 hours ago

Brayden Black

Brayden Black . 16 hours ago

Yes bro this is it
lompoc braves

lompoc braves . 17 hours ago

Mood still after years for her
internetworld 1

internetworld 1 . 18 hours ago

Beautiful song hello from Greece 🙂👍🌺🎵🇬🇷
yt_ Fallenk16

yt_ Fallenk16 . 18 hours ago

Bro this gotta kingdom hearts vibe to it no cap🔥🔥
Serendipity Honey

Serendipity Honey . 19 hours ago

This was so beautiful 😍😍😍😍
Susie M

Susie M . 19 hours ago

This is so DEEPLY Lovely😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shervyse Smiles

Shervyse Smiles . 19 hours ago

He just gets it 🙌🏽❤️👏🏽
Donta GamingYTC

Donta GamingYTC . 20 hours ago

Y'all watch they put this song in a movies tho
Donta GamingYTC

Donta GamingYTC . 20 hours ago

This song a vibe, it got me feeling some typa way👌🏾👌🏾

j!! . 21 hours ago

cinematogrophic masterpiece
Rafaela Faria

Rafaela Faria . 22 hours ago

Cd os br?🇧🇷
Janaina Trindade

Janaina Trindade . 23 hours ago

ashley Hill

ashley Hill . 23 hours ago

Twin flames are always the hardest
Jacinth Aryan

Jacinth Aryan . 24 hours ago

ye right i was gon say this got justin bieber vibes
Tiffo ism

Tiffo ism . 1 day ago

Who cares if his dad is Will Smith ? ...he's been in the lime light all of his life. If you only know him as Will's son than you have been under a rock. Jaden has his own victories.
ismim? •

ismim? • . 1 day ago

the aesthetic of his music videos... thats it thats the comment
Yanis Agodor

Yanis Agodor . 1 day ago

Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17)&
Roberta Silva

Roberta Silva . 1 day ago

olhar para ele agora e lembrar do garotinho em karatekid... surreal a evolução
Michael Adebayo

Michael Adebayo . 1 day ago

wow he act sing and rap just like his parent so talented

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