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The Singular Tour: Day 12 - Chicago
Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter

Published on 2 years ago

#SingularAct2 out now: https://hollywoodrecs.co/SingularActII

The Singular Tour 2019.
Chicago, Illinois

Comments :

jacob cardenas

jacob cardenas . 3 months ago

Vivianne Gonzalez

Vivianne Gonzalez . 3 months ago

please come back to Chicago soon!!!
Simran Singh

Simran Singh . 2 years ago

Sab is so pretty with straight hair.😍🔥💗
Durval Fabiano Barbosa

Durval Fabiano Barbosa . 2 years ago

desejo um bom descanso para todos voces,sei o quanto e cansativo fazer viajem e show consecutivo
Juan Esteban Rodríguez espita

Juan Esteban Rodríguez espita . 2 years ago

I love you from Colombia 🇨🇴
Spencer Lyst

Spencer Lyst . 2 years ago

omfg i loved this day. best night of my life!
Jean-Benjamin Quincey

Jean-Benjamin Quincey . 2 years ago

pretty video
julie beth

julie beth . 2 years ago

I wish I went to this tour, but I can’t fly out to any cities she came to. Please come to Vancouver for act 2 ;-;
sushama sarker

sushama sarker . 2 years ago

I love u sabrina and I love exhale

JERRY주원 . 2 years ago

Are u coming 2 Korea??
Seher C

Seher C . 2 years ago

1:53 me when puberty strikes
Thalia cz

Thalia cz . 2 years ago

Yes ! Sabrina Carpenter ! 😊 I love you😍😍😘❤️💕💞Ypu are so beautiful !!!

MADAN OP . 2 years ago

You're so............... cute 😘🥰😍
Fabio Tito Montefinale

Fabio Tito Montefinale . 2 years ago

Gracias Hermosaaa <3 <3 <3 ;))
Pritam Nielsen

Pritam Nielsen . 2 years ago

I love your video!
vismaya rajesh

vismaya rajesh . 2 years ago

Why?why do u keep reminding of a tour I didn't go to??
anivikash sirmaiya

anivikash sirmaiya . 2 years ago

i m big fan
anivikash sirmaiya

anivikash sirmaiya . 2 years ago

sabrina u r my Love

AYUSHMAN Pratyush . 2 years ago

So funny
Husaın Almsabeh

Husaın Almsabeh . 2 years ago

I love you Sabrina 😘😘😘😑
Emiliana Luna

Emiliana Luna . 2 years ago

And by the time Argentina misses you, woman!!! 😂 Ps: What happened with the bra It's very strange, but it kills me with laughter
Riya Shriprasad

Riya Shriprasad . 2 years ago

In love with Singular act 1
Káiser Dangerous

Káiser Dangerous . 2 years ago

soy Alexander :D saludos desde Perú !xD
Jelo 14

Jelo 14 . 2 years ago

I’m having flashbacks of Lucaya😭😂
Nicolle Amaral

Nicolle Amaral . 2 years ago

Legenda PLIS
Joel Sierra

Joel Sierra . 2 years ago

Bery good

talinho . 2 years ago

I LOVE YOU ❤️❤️😭😭

Erick_ouo . 2 years ago

Mi nopia 😍👌

l337pwnage . 2 years ago

0:58 lol, she looks completely stoned right there.
Advventures with Life

Advventures with Life . 2 years ago

Connie H

Connie H . 2 years ago

Awe it’s my show!!!!! Also please find a way to open for the TS7 concert❤️
Nena Muñiz

Nena Muñiz . 2 years ago

Pues yo no sé hablar inglés
Beatriz Amorim

Beatriz Amorim . 2 years ago

So proud of our baby ♥♥
Lol Loley

Lol Loley . 2 years ago

I love you Sabrina!! ❤️❤️

brigid . 2 years ago

i miss this show so much i cant
Katelyn Brady

Katelyn Brady . 2 years ago

Yes omg!

Megan . 2 years ago

K this was the greatest concert I have ever been too and I didn’t even go

Aliejha . 2 years ago

Anna M.

Anna M. . 2 years ago

I went to this show with my sister and it was AMAZING!!! hands down the best thing I've ever seen. Ily brina ❤
tatis gonzalex

tatis gonzalex . 2 years ago

Te amo sabrina eres la mejor 😍😍😘
Anapretto 08

Anapretto 08 . 2 years ago

I LOVE YOU SABRINA!!!!!!!😍😘❤😍❤😍❤😍❤
Zazil Padilla

Zazil Padilla . 2 years ago

Hope to see you in Mexico very soon
Monserrat Dominguez

Monserrat Dominguez . 2 years ago

Rose Santos Ferreira

Rose Santos Ferreira . 2 years ago

Fiorella Mieres

Fiorella Mieres . 2 years ago

Hola soy tu fan me encantas
Beatriz Souza

Beatriz Souza . 2 years ago

Beatriz Souza

Beatriz Souza . 2 years ago

u are so sweet💓
Beatriz Souza

Beatriz Souza . 2 years ago

Juan Diego Rodríguez

Juan Diego Rodríguez . 2 years ago

Saludos desde Colombia Sabrina. Greetings from Colombia Sabrina
eu Yasmim

eu Yasmim . 2 years ago

I love youuu❤ Brasil 💚💛

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