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Best Video Editing App For Android and iPhone
Nick Nimmin

Nick Nimmin

Published on 4 years ago

This is the best video editing app for Android and iPhone. This app for editing videos is, in my opinion, the best one on the market. Even if you normally use a computer for your videos, this app will help you make social media clips and other promotional videos on the go or you can use it to fully edit your videos.

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Get the app here: https://www.kinemaster.com/

Kinemaster is the best video editing app by far. It allows multiple tracks, adding text, color correction and more right on your Android or iOS device.

Comments :

Nick Nimmin

Nick Nimmin . 2 years ago

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abyan luquman

abyan luquman . 8 hours ago

I love this vid

FunBrody7 . 1 day ago

Kevin's Extreme Gaming

Kevin's Extreme Gaming . 2 days ago

you have a girlfriend
Treymatik Does!

Treymatik Does! . 4 days ago

Do you have any video on compressing apps? πŸ€”πŸ™πŸΎ

JR_On_iPad . 4 days ago

I use imovie.

Mr.Obsidian . 5 days ago

i use CapCut
Dan Williams

Dan Williams . 6 days ago

You. Yes, you have just saved me. At 64 years old just about to launch a Wilderness medicine site. My tech skills are horrendous. This app made me realize this geriatric can even do this. A heartfelt ty.

歐聰兒 . 6 days ago

How about I pad?
Lee Gaming

Lee Gaming . 6 days ago

No way Vsauce twin
Starting 11

Starting 11 . 6 days ago

I use Youcut,...
yolly mackie

yolly mackie . 7 days ago

What i did wrong why the video i shared in Facebook is black ? When friends views?
Stocks for Dividends

Stocks for Dividends . 1 week ago

Best of luck to everyone starting out!
Uhunoma's kitchen

Uhunoma's kitchen . 1 week ago

Trying to write out my INGREDIENTS on the screen but I can't
Tarik Bairu

Tarik Bairu . 1 week ago

Have a video where im singing, the sound isnt there, why????
Pyro Shenanigans

Pyro Shenanigans . 1 week ago

Good stuff thanks!
Geeks On Tap

Geeks On Tap . 1 week ago

Wow!!! I'm going to get this app now! I use Premiere Rush and I'm not a fan. The buttons are so small and a fully functional editing app with big buttons will be a step up. Thanks for making this video!
oneko Mc Donald

oneko Mc Donald . 1 week ago

I use kinemaster for my gacha club and life vids lol already new.
Blaster strikes 01

Blaster strikes 01 . 2 weeks ago

I am trying to edit so it’s going to be helpful I think
Brutus Shady

Brutus Shady . 2 weeks ago

Rob Rogan

Rob Rogan . 2 weeks ago

I am going to be a YouTuber when I'm 12 maybe but I youse notebook it's not a movie maker but is what I use.
Sr Lacky

Sr Lacky . 2 weeks ago

I've beem usong kinemaster for a long time and never bought premium. I just opened it today and i had to either pay for premium or watch an ad to export it. It was never like this and it has also gotten more like a mobile game where there are ads everywhere
Damond's Assorted Topic

Damond's Assorted Topic . 2 weeks ago

Is Kinemaster the same as Power Director?
Corrupted Girl

Corrupted Girl . 2 weeks ago

I always do kinmaster
kiel batson

kiel batson . 2 weeks ago

I use cap cut
happy Abiodun

happy Abiodun . 2 weeks ago

hi i meed help with editing my video
Wilfred Siquieros

Wilfred Siquieros . 2 weeks ago

Thx I was really wondering what kind of app people use
Omargaming 2010

Omargaming 2010 . 2 weeks ago

Wait but a youtuber that tested all the video editing apps and he said the best one was capcut and I used and my videos are great and there's no watermark
Unseen Thailand In Chiang Mai

Unseen Thailand In Chiang Mai . 2 weeks ago

Thank you ! I was just looking for a good program to use on my phone !!!!

Al3x3i . 3 weeks ago

Yeah kinemaster is very good,i also use it for my videos
Phillip Richards

Phillip Richards . 3 weeks ago

Cap cut
C&M DIY Studio

C&M DIY Studio . 3 weeks ago

I need an easy to use free app for my android phone since im just starting out with Youtube videos and can't afford to pay anything much. How much is this app?
Bo Burson

Bo Burson . 3 weeks ago

Havent tried this but I love Lumafusion

lifefacts . 3 weeks ago

Nick, could you please do a tutorial on how to change backgrounds on line master. I've searched videos of it but all are in really funny languages. PleaseπŸ₯Ί

DarkZombie . 3 weeks ago

I use inshot

BananaJam87 . 3 weeks ago

I’m sitting in bed just trying to find the best apps to edit videos and look here I have it already
jakhis world f

jakhis world f . 3 weeks ago

My is kinemonster
Shannon Ambrosio

Shannon Ambrosio . 4 weeks ago

Thank you for always being detail oriented with explaining things and for showcasing new tech.

Airfusion . 4 weeks ago

Life with Logan

Life with Logan . 4 weeks ago

iMovie is really good
Richierockz J

Richierockz J . 4 weeks ago

I use capcut
Kazmi Editz

Kazmi Editz . 4 weeks ago

I dont like kinemaster
Pastor Godwin LAWRENCE

Pastor Godwin LAWRENCE . 4 weeks ago

Hi Nick, I would really need your help especially in the editing. I want to start a preaching blogging and talk/discussion platform. Please help me
Animal Crossing Island Tours with Mimi

Animal Crossing Island Tours with Mimi . 4 weeks ago

Thanks for the video!
Lucas Resare

Lucas Resare . 4 weeks ago

Money Talk

Money Talk . 4 weeks ago

My movie
David Amaram

David Amaram . 4 weeks ago

Using the Wonder Video editing app how do I increase the music time duration to more than 10seconds?? it's for a picture-audio edit. Thanks
GAA Shorts

GAA Shorts . 4 weeks ago

I use iMovie because it’s free and they don’t have watermarks and they don’t lock half of the stuff because you have to pay like other apps.
Crazy Cousins

Crazy Cousins . 4 weeks ago

King bunty

King bunty . 1 month ago

i use Videoleap and inShot.to edit my videos i use the two apps at once

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