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Best Video Editing Software for Beginners? QUICK FILMORA - TUTORIAL
Ignace Aleya

Ignace Aleya

Published on 6 years ago

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#Filmora #IgnaceAleya

In this video I will go over Wondershare Filmora, a new video editing software specifically designed for beginners or people that want to get results fast. Create an awesome holiday, vacation, family, corporate video.

Disclaimer: This software has been sponsored but all the opinions in this video are my own.

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Outro music - "I Noticed You" by Blanket Music (soundofpicture.com)"

Comments :

The Raging Game Player // RGP

The Raging Game Player // RGP . 5 years ago

THANKS SO MUCH WOW now my videos can be my effort!!!!!

KALYAN YADAV . 11 months ago

To Download Full Version of Filmora Softwware and Effects ......................................................... Wondershare Filmora is simply elegant video editing software geared toward beginner, novice and casual users. ... The main window of the interface provides complete control over your video project. You can edit your project on a timeline. You can have a total of 100+ video and 100+ audio editing tracks. To Download Full Version of Filmora ................................... 1.https://iaszindgi.com/file/MGQ0Yj 2.https://thewpsite.com/file/MGQ0Yj To Download Effects ................... 1.filmora_resource ................ 1.https://iaszindgi.com/file/NzhiOD 2.https://thewpsite.com/file/NzhiOD 2.filmora-beauty-effect-pack .......................... 1.https://iaszindgi.com/file/Y2Y3MT 2.https://thewpsite.com/file/Y2Y3MT 3.filmora-action-effect-pack .......................... 1.https://iaszindgi.com/file/ZTc1Zj 2.https://thewpsite.com/file/ZTc1Zj 4.filmora-80s-effect-pack_2 ......................... 1.https://iaszindgi.com/file/Y2Q3YT 2.https://thewpsite.com/file/Y2Q3YT 5.filmora-education-effect-pack ............................. 1.https://iaszindgi.com/file/ZTNlNz 2.https://thewpsite.com/file/ZTNlNz 6.filmora-block-buster-v2-effect-pack ................................... 1.https://iaszindgi.com/file/OWU0Nz 2.https://thewpsite.com/file/OWU0Nz 7.filmora-block-buster-v1-effect-pack ................................... 1.https://iaszindgi.com/file/YjY5OT 2.https://thewpsite.com/file/YjY5OT 8.filmora-fashion-effect-pack ........................... 1.https://iaszindgi.com/file/ODVlNT 2.https://thewpsite.com/file/ODVlNT 9.filmora-romantic-effect-pack ............................ 1.https://iaszindgi.com/file/ZWU5Yj 2.https://thewpsite.com/file/ZWU5Yj 10.filmora-travel-effect-pack .......................... 1.https://iaszindgi.com/file/ZjcyYW 2.https://thewpsite.com/file/ZjcyYW
sahil chettri

sahil chettri . 11 months ago

thanks brother i subscribed
Anna Weber

Anna Weber . 1 year ago

Has anyone used Movavi Video Editor?
Carlos Javier Porras

Carlos Javier Porras . 1 year ago

Good English speak effort
R2 News

R2 News . 1 year ago

👍👍I love you touch my cheanl and subscribe
Anna Weber

Anna Weber . 1 year ago

Make a video tutorial about Movavi!

Miketama_OV . 1 year ago

filmora is a best software but for the watermark placing its so distressing

HURPSY IMAGERY TV . 1 year ago

king dare

king dare . 1 year ago

1:40 sh*t
Ziing plays

Ziing plays . 2 years ago

Upalakshya Tamang

Upalakshya Tamang . 2 years ago

i use for the first time, its showing blurr when i merged videos
Sidheek Sabeelas

Sidheek Sabeelas . 2 years ago

I think *kinemaster* is gud ... Em making my videos on *kinemaster and pixellab* ⛷️
Sidheek Sabeelas

Sidheek Sabeelas . 2 years ago

Is it computer version or... I didn't saw Any interface Wen the 'filmora' opening.. 🙄
ApplePlays Tommorrow

ApplePlays Tommorrow . 2 years ago

my English is not good
Bisemagn Serjew

Bisemagn Serjew . 2 years ago

Luv Luv
Jj Jj

Jj Jj . 2 years ago

problem with filmora is that it forces you to be on the internet or it will not work. This means they can monitor your use constantly and sell you stuff. Also you cannot import projects into an existing one so , for example, if you have another piece of work which you wish to combine with an existing one and you cannot import this work as a project only as video which means you are unable to tweak the final piece.

BRODI BARRINGER . 2 years ago

And it Lags like crazy, not worth $60, not worth $6..filmora 9 is great unless you want to use LUTs or color grade, then, LAG!!!!
Noora Queen

Noora Queen . 2 years ago

downloading the app it takes forever
filip de dobbelaere

filip de dobbelaere . 2 years ago

Dit zijn beelden van de eccentric road tour en de luxe wagen is deze van phillip cracco
Games កំសាន្តសប្បាយ

Games កំសាន្តសប្បាយ . 2 years ago

I like this video. Help me by more video!
jeni joes

jeni joes . 2 years ago

Thanks bro
Rose b

Rose b . 2 years ago

Everytime I save a video I make well try to save it export it... whatever you want to call it... my computer shuts down... is there a reason for this

Breezy . 2 years ago

flimora 9 sucks it just true
Kyykka Cabe

Kyykka Cabe . 2 years ago

Thanks so much helps much i gonna buy

SYED WAQAR ALI . 2 years ago

How much we have to pay for FILMORA.
In The Light

In The Light . 2 years ago

Hello, I've purchased the annual package for Filmora and created my first video. I would like to export to Youtube and the export button is off. I've put 3 support tickets and got no response for help. Do you stand by your product because the support desk does not help when requested. Bad business practice. I won't recommend people to purchase this product, if I can't get the support I need to export to Youtube.
Jasz TV

Jasz TV . 2 years ago

filmora with crack : https://ckk.ai/X2oSC
German Cerrato

German Cerrato . 2 years ago

Very nice!!
Hund Sam

Hund Sam . 2 years ago

They said filmora have a problem called watermarks...are you aware of this
Food Fashion Money

Food Fashion Money . 2 years ago

Very good video. Want to actually generate cash with your videos? Look at this: http://cvrt1.com/s/vop/21453
Lost To Adventure

Lost To Adventure . 2 years ago

How do you remove the watermark when uploading to youtube?
S Howard

S Howard . 2 years ago

I just just graduated from Windows Movie Maker, so this is perfect for an upgrade.
Jonell Sinohin

Jonell Sinohin . 2 years ago

this really helps for my vids
RaNoShe vlogz

RaNoShe vlogz . 2 years ago

now i know how to edit in filmora.. anywei can you hug me and ill hug you back

PROKINGZ VEVO . 2 years ago

Welke versie is dit dan
Early Sunrise Guide

Early Sunrise Guide . 2 years ago

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Food Fashion Money

Food Fashion Money . 2 years ago

Very cool video Here is a complimentary video software that you can use: http://www.automaticfranchise.com/freevideosoftware
WiMO 620

WiMO 620 . 2 years ago

If you shoot in 4k would it downgrade the resolution?
Batang 90's Tv

Batang 90's Tv . 2 years ago

Nice! I've been searching for an easy video editor thanks to you!
Food Fashion Money

Food Fashion Money . 2 years ago

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Food Fashion Money

Food Fashion Money . 2 years ago

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Sherry Cottle

Sherry Cottle . 2 years ago

Thank you for a great tutorial that quickly previews this software.
Lucai Gaming Funny Videos

Lucai Gaming Funny Videos . 2 years ago

Great programme,Thanks filmora.Im uploading a few videos iv made with Filmora at https://youtu.be/7a2IzqSEH64

KingNexDoor . 2 years ago

Thank you. I did my music video with this software https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXSa-YvdVvw
Soshee Padder

Soshee Padder . 2 years ago

it worked omg!!!
Salma salem

Salma salem . 2 years ago

lmao i got a filmora ad xd

NA DYMMIEW Channel . 2 years ago

I have downloaded filmora, bt a key frame i was not found
Gabri C

Gabri C . 2 years ago

Hi I was asking how can I add flicker effect in filmora with a picture in a music video like in this link https://youtu.be/vLJSRQZWwW8 if you watch you will see flicker effects with picture I want to know kindly please help me if possible thank you

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