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Check out our Hungryroot review to get a glimpse into how easy it can be to put healthy, mostly plant-based meals on the table in about 10-15 minutes. Hungryroot offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert options as well as groceries, so you can truly achieve one-stop shopping. The components of each meal are already prepared for you, so you just simply put everything together when it comes to mealtime. Their meals are mostly plant-based, although they offer many lean protein options as well as Beyond burgers and other Beyond options. Grilled chicken breasts, smoked salmon, roasted turkey breast, grass-fed beef meatballs, and various flavors of chicken sausage are just a few examples of their vast array of lean, healthy protein options.

Their completely plant-based desserts, such as their Black Bean Brownies (you can eat it right out of the tub!) are also rave-worthy. And their Almond Chickpea Cookie Dough? Absolutely out of this world. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy just one tub, because it will be difficult to share. The Hungryroot menu always has plenty of plant-based, refined sugar-free options to keep you satisfied without the guilt.

This incredibly convenient approach combined with their delicious meals makes this one of the best meal kits out there. Besides the fact that Hungryroot recipes are unbelievably easy & quick to put together, they’re also seriously delicious. Every single meal we tried was gobbled up by every member of the family, including our preferential 1-year-old eater. All of the produce is impressively fresh, the pre-cooked proteins hold up very well to reheating, and their sauces are spectacular. Add these factors to the fact that they have a multitude of creative side options and the ability to customize pretty much anything, and you’re looking at a pretty amazing time and stress-saver that anyone can benefit from.

πŸ“¦ What's in Our Hungryroot Box:

β€’ Veggie Vinaigrette Beyond Burger
β€’ Hungryroot Kohlrabi Noodles + Hungryroot Kale Pesto + Hungryroot Zucchini Slices + Hungryroot Three Bean Artichoke Salad
β€’ Angelic Bakehouse Sweet Potato Wraps + Hungryroot Seasoned Grilled Chicken Breast + Living Greens Farm Chopped Romaine Lettuce + Hungryroot Coconut Curry
β€’ Banza Chickpea Cavatappi + Hungryroot Kale Pesto + Hungryroot Spinach Garlic Chicken Sausage + Hungryroot Zucchini Slices
β€’ Hungryroot Lentil Quinoa Rice Mix + Hungryroot Shaved Brussels + Hungryroot Spinach Garlic Chicken Sausage + Hungryroot Superfood Tomato
β€’ Hungryroot Black Bean Brownie Batter
β€’ Hungryroot Carrot Cake Coconut Cookies
β€’ Hungryroot Coconut Cashew Grain-Free Granola
β€’ Hungryroot Lemon Artichoke Quinoa Cup
β€’ Hungryroot Moroccan Spiced Chickpea Tagine
β€’ Hungryroot Smoky Green Lentil Salad
β€’ Hungryroot Toasted Coconut Clusters
β€’ Hungryroot Almond Chickpea Cookie Dough

🍽️ What We Tasted in Our Review:

β€’ Veggie Vinaigrette Beyond Burger
β€’ Hungryroot Smoky Green Lentil Salad
β€’ Hungryroot Coconut Cashew Grain-Free Granola
β€’ Hungryroot Black Bean Brownie Batter

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4:46 Taste Test Hungryroot Meals Review
8:23 Hungryroot Review Conclusion

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Mealkite . 5 months ago

Hello Everyone! Thanks for watching our Hungryroot Review. This vegan meal kit really took us by surprise with the flavor and quality of the ingredients. Especially, the Beyond Burgers & Black Bean Brownies were very good! Let us know in the comments if you plan on giving Hungryroot a try.
a. s.

a. s. . 5 months ago

I must say that these vegan's meals look surprisingly good!!!
Stevenson Rojas

Stevenson Rojas . 5 months ago

This is a good review on Hungryroot, it is very well explained and I really liked the variety of recipes and eating options that you show, thank you for sharing this information
Aline Barros

Aline Barros . 5 months ago

I always liked vegan meals, I take care of my health a lot. After all, I'm an athlete. Thank you.
David Martinez Villegas

David Martinez Villegas . 5 months ago

I really like how it looks, the truth is, I love eating vegan food and you have given me a good idea, I will buy it and prepare it for my wife and children, I want to share a while and have them try different food, thank you very much.
Glenna Jones

Glenna Jones . 5 months ago

Good video Mealkite , just what I was looking for! Keep uploading content! Thanks for this great help.


I love Hungryroot, my family and I love this food, it is very good and easy to prepare, also the food is very healthy and nutritious, the breakfasts are great, I recommend it

striperce . 5 months ago

I like the simplicity that goes in this. you do not go for fancy stuff, but essential and oh so tasty
Marlonsito Prunita

Marlonsito Prunita . 5 months ago

We placed the order with my sister, and the order arrived very well packaged, my sister was delighted, she loves vegetables and the quality of this product rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, we will surely order it again!
Petter Oakley

Petter Oakley . 5 months ago

My doctor and nutritionist prescribe a vegan diet for me. I am doing a lot of research on the subject and I loved your review on Hungryroot. Thanks for sharing.
Elias Josue Reyes

Elias Josue Reyes . 5 months ago

As my mom said, vegetables are the best that exists on earth, thank you for showing us healthy recipes for both us and the environment, greetings, and good content.
Michelle Fonger

Michelle Fonger . 5 months ago

We really loved Hungryroot!! I'd honestly keep ordering just to get that AMAZING black bean brownie batter, but every meal has been amazing too. Very impressed.

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