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Cam Newton sits down exclusively with Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson and Fred Taylor in a rare public conversation about everything on and off the field.

A friendly football discussion of Cam deciding between Chad and Brandon on who the X would be in his ideal offense quickly turns up the heat to hard hitting questions on what went on this past season. Fred says Cam had the hardest job in the league following Tom Brady and relates to the tough position he was put in coming into the New England offense. Cam explains how he found the process of missing the offseason instrumental to getting in sync with his team and a lesson in why the little things are big things in the end. Brandon doesn't shy away from him talking about his up and down play during this past season while calling him out for it on air a few times. Tackling the rumors that Cam is done and seeking retirement- Cam says he's never been the favorite and that fuels him but he quickly clears up that he is not going out like that and there aren't 32 guys better than he is!!

Taking a trip down memory lane, Cam and Fred reminisce about meeting during Cam's early college football days in Florida and Cam telling the story of how Fred set the bar of professionalism and character that he desired to have in his career. The two reference their old friend and teammate "Chico" the late Aaron Hernandez which leads them into a tough discussion of disbelief and confusion with what really went on with him.

Chef Jonathan Lowe fills in for Chef Nancie and makes a vegan meal for Cam which immediately draws critique from Chad on healthy eating habits who then volunteers that he should take over Cam's diet this offseason to get him eating right.

Cam exclusively opens up about his new hat line and in celebration of Black History Month a design tribute to honoring trail blazers starting with Rosa Parks. Keeping his business hat on, Cam tells the guys that his passion for cigars, art and live music led him to open Fellaship, an upscale premium dining experience in Atlanta. Applying what he has learned on the field as a leader into running a business, Cam shares why he loves being hands on with the details and the daily operation.

Changing gears real fast- Brandon asks the guys about men's hygiene which leads into a wild conversation about manscaping and the things guys should and shouldn't do!

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Comments :

VLVentureWorx 1

VLVentureWorx 1 . 15 minutes ago

listen to Ocho. Genes, Cam you can produce a 6ft child that could be faster than Ocho.
Bernard Collins

Bernard Collins . 35 minutes ago

Love cam but his career ,is over. In football timing is everything, he missed his chance now he will retire without a ring
Mac Matarieh

Mac Matarieh . 36 minutes ago

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Deloni Cooper

Deloni Cooper . 44 minutes ago

I've always seen Cam as a Donovan McNabb 1.5.

Keeper116 . 59 minutes ago

2:08 Lovin' those pearly whites ♥ LOL

C A . 2 hours ago

The toothsome occupation serologically hunt because hub routinely beg into a jaded layer. pleasant, young quail
Brandon Clements

Brandon Clements . 2 hours ago

Having marshawn lychn on the podcast would be amazing
Stepfan Hollinshed

Stepfan Hollinshed . 2 hours ago

I love the fact that they mentioned Aaron Hernandez a lot during these conversations.
nicholas lasane

nicholas lasane . 2 hours ago

Dudes that’s naturally skinny just don’t under everyone else can’t eat anything like them

Fridge . 2 hours ago

Shout out to ATL, but NYC is the home of the scammers. And if you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere.
Michael Diedrich

Michael Diedrich . 2 hours ago

When in doubt. Bash chad for eating McDonald’s. Lol
Rhyan Anderson

Rhyan Anderson . 3 hours ago

Who dresses cam?

NijThaGod . 3 hours ago

todd gurley said it best, "Everyone asks me what is the best skill in football, availability is the best skill. You can be replaced in a matter of a snap of a finger"
Gregory Jason

Gregory Jason . 3 hours ago

Cam is Goku.
Mike Langer

Mike Langer . 3 hours ago

LJ catches so much shade from people for being different. They both seem like all they do is grind, but will never get the respect until a 'Ship comes home.
Shelley Hollingsworth

Shelley Hollingsworth . 3 hours ago

This podcast is amazing. I watch this and I am woman. Brandon Marshall is a genius and I have a new found respect for Cam Newton. It’s nice to see the person behind the football 🏈 player!!!

Jizzy . 3 hours ago

i want ocho to be my nutritionist
steve smith

steve smith . 3 hours ago

Did you have to think hard before putting that outfit on, worry about your skill not your look. PERIOD! image isnt everything!

sunboy621 . 4 hours ago

Cam need to go to the New York Giants
Therry Daniel

Therry Daniel . 4 hours ago

I wish more people in my country could get on this
Therry Daniel

Therry Daniel . 4 hours ago

I don’t know how I didn’t get on this show earlier... Great job fellas
Highend Trends

Highend Trends . 4 hours ago

Damn you eat like that you won’t live that long. I’m a bio major, as your learning about the body your longevity is all about what you eat. What you invest in the cell.
Brandon Muse

Brandon Muse . 4 hours ago

Chad is a freak of nature. No way should he eat like that.

timelesskoontah . 4 hours ago

All these myths fkers on here are pot belly Lucy sellouts...
Ernesto Caro

Ernesto Caro . 4 hours ago

the brother wearing the cowboy hat dress like a white bohemian artist
j dee

j dee . 5 hours ago

Cant believe I stumbled upon this channel. Great content
Merry Me

Merry Me . 5 hours ago

230 and vegan?
Young African Daws

Young African Daws . 5 hours ago

Lmfao chad is hilarious wit this shit
Headway Bedlam

Headway Bedlam . 5 hours ago

first show...let’s see
Hello Its Me Tony

Hello Its Me Tony . 6 hours ago

Shave between the ass cheeks, fashion? Sus.
Tommy Arrington

Tommy Arrington . 7 hours ago

Fred’s face at the end was priceless. Shows over. Lol

DP . 8 hours ago

This is the best episode !!!
Shahbaz ahmed

Shahbaz ahmed . 8 hours ago

Hi good nice
Evan C

Evan C . 9 hours ago

goats! preach
Barrel Time

Barrel Time . 9 hours ago

Ocho and I have the same genetics
Daniel Hernandez

Daniel Hernandez . 9 hours ago


BENMJR - . 10 hours ago

Ken Stewart

Ken Stewart . 10 hours ago

The mysterious babies nearly trace because seat minimally discover regarding a clean limit. obedient, zany castanet
Leo Dunson

Leo Dunson . 11 hours ago

I don’t think it’s a person in the world who knew Cam Newton was Back up to Tim Tebow. That is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard in my life
Ms. Savvy Ms. Baddie

Ms. Savvy Ms. Baddie . 12 hours ago

Leo Dunson

Leo Dunson . 12 hours ago

I’m a keep it a hundred I’m a have to go back and look at some of Brandon Marshall highlights, I remember Ocho but not Brandon
Robert Cherry

Robert Cherry . 13 hours ago

Don't gift me nothing, send me the bill. Quote of the pod cast, as I heard it.
Robert Cherry

Robert Cherry . 13 hours ago

There's not 32 guys better than me. ~ Cam Newton
Dominique Williams

Dominique Williams . 13 hours ago

Who are the 1.1k idiots that disliked this?
Enlighten Gamer

Enlighten Gamer . 13 hours ago

If he don’t have a McDonald’s deal give that man a multi-dollar deal.
Robert Cherry

Robert Cherry . 13 hours ago

Ocho is a "black" evangelist.
Daniel Eusebio

Daniel Eusebio . 13 hours ago

I want Cam to win a super-bowl in New England! That would make him a hall of famer.

macdabluepanther . 14 hours ago

I was feeling incredible hearing my boy Cam clear the hair, and then Ocho switched it all up talking about "eating ass" lol...hahahaha...what in the world!!
Bus Town BC

Bus Town BC . 14 hours ago

Pammie Mae Bullock

Pammie Mae Bullock . 14 hours ago

Brandon Marshall dress so well!

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