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Top Rank Boxing

Published on 2 months ago

Watch #highlights from the main event of #CommeyMarinez featuring #RichardCommey and Jackson Marinez. In the fight, Commey knocked out Marinez in a highlight reel KO

Next up for #TopRankBoxing, Mexican Warriors Collide: #MiguelBerchelt​ to Defend Super Featherweight World Title Against #OscarValdez​ February 20 LIVE on ESPN beginning at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

Berchelt and Valdez will face off in one of the most anticipated all-Mexican fistic showdowns in years.

Cancun’s Berchelt will defend his WBC super featherweight world title against Nogales native Valdez in a special Top Rank on ESPN telecast Saturday, Feb. 20.

Promoted by Top Rank, in association with Zanfer Promotions, #BercheltValdez​ and Flores-Cancio will be televised live on ESPN and ESPN Deportes at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.
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Comments :

Radical_like_ KHALID

Radical_like_ KHALID . 2 months ago

Commey ✊🏿🇬🇭
Richie Famus

Richie Famus . 2 months ago

...“Last time we saw you, it was a right hand that took you out.”... “Teofimo Lopez knocked you out...” What type of shit is that while interviewing a winning fighter? They clearly tried to overshadow his victory by reminding everyone that no matter how good he looked, Lopez finished him. He should have checked the interviewer. I would have.
Sean Lopez

Sean Lopez . 2 months ago

Haney won't take this fight.
D.p B

D.p B . 2 months ago

So happy for Richard!!

JvoxProductions . 2 months ago

ESPN boxing broadcasts are annoying. It's like they are dying for an excuse to make the screen small during the action. Hey guys. It's not vital for me to look at Teo Lopez's face on half the screen while an actual fight is happening. Stop making the screen small.
BantuBoxing World

BantuBoxing World . 2 months ago

Two great guys inside and outside the ring. I just knew this was gonna be a spectacle!!!
Ignatius Nyendah

Ignatius Nyendah . 2 months ago

I'd love to see him beat the hyped Garcia

建史平井 . 2 months ago

Ghanaian Dynamite - Who wants to see Commey vs Nakatani? Now that would be awesome.

Yung E FIGHTING . 2 months ago

That's my favorite combo the jab with a hard straight or overhand I be practicing tf outta that
Abraham Isaacs

Abraham Isaacs . 2 months ago

Please,allow Lopez to humble dude once more😂
Abednego Sowah

Abednego Sowah . 2 months ago

Broer u I my boxing Gh
Abednego Sowah

Abednego Sowah . 2 months ago

Great work movement always sweet broer please mijn broer just keep on.. to me you really can fire them
Exodus 876

Exodus 876 . 2 months ago

Allllll praise for the Comeback, love him but this was a warm up at best a man coming forward hands down you better lay him put ppl saying Haney, Haney not gonna do that not any of the other elite out there, one more time up and he should be back 💯 good show
Fionn McManus

Fionn McManus . 2 months ago

Great knockout and finishing. Ps. Commey sounds like a man 3 times his size
Addo Densu

Addo Densu . 2 months ago

As a Ghanaian, I am happy for Richard commey....but I feel sorry Marinez at the same time. He clearly won against Rolly Romero but he was cheated. Hope Marinez bounces back stronger.
Ara Ruiz

Ara Ruiz . 2 months ago

Jmooks Mooks

Jmooks Mooks . 2 months ago

Probably candidate for K.O of the year.
Alejandro Rivero Jr.

Alejandro Rivero Jr. . 2 months ago

Commey is coming for Rolly Romero too 🥊🔥 Ghana has several all stars in boxing history 🇬🇭

kunited9 . 2 months ago

Go Ghana

DRACO FURY 13 . 2 months ago

*This interview was Low Key Disrespectful* It was nice to see that Teofimo came tru a show that brother sum love....👊🏿 🤨 *This interview was Disrespectful* *Did y'all hear what he said at the end?*
Gamaliel Hernández

Gamaliel Hernández . 2 months ago

against Teofimo jeje
Woke_The Truth

Woke_The Truth . 2 months ago

Love to see that rematch! Lucky punch from Lopez if you ask me.
Jorge Morales

Jorge Morales . 2 months ago

Lowkey these guys should just boycott haney and let him wine about how hes the real champion just bc he has one belt he didnt even fight to get. Commey and the lot would give way better fights than literally anyone vs haney lol
You Don’t Know Shit About Boxing

You Don’t Know Shit About Boxing . 2 months ago

Rollie gon hafta fight Richard Commey now.. 😬😬
Doctor Doc

Doctor Doc . 2 months ago

Teo caught him with a good shot he couldn’t recover from. That’s boxing. Great comeback
Padro Gonzo

Padro Gonzo . 2 months ago

It's good that Teofimo shows support . And that was great for Commey Lime that boy up with any of the wanna be kings /Tank /Garcia/Or Haney .That would a great fight .💪☠️☠️☠️
aaron afre

aaron afre . 2 months ago

Never heard a fighter say Love so many times.. this interview never existed when I was growing up
James Carter

James Carter . 2 months ago

Get up Craig 🤕
talk sense

talk sense . 2 months ago

if you win lopez record looks better hence he's cheering you on. you should be calling on a rematch next.
Andrew Cano

Andrew Cano . 2 months ago

Teo is a young legend people should look up to him he’s promoting the people he fought against, he’s making the sport more like ufc giving these fighters higher profiles for free all the racist really just need to hop off the bandwagons and go for what’s right support a fighter not just cause their color but what they stand for and the competition they fought to get to their spot
Fred Baako

Fred Baako . 2 months ago

Commey is gradually going to make it ones again
Pats Nation

Pats Nation . 2 months ago

Comney vs Haney 🙌🏽
sanguis inimicus

sanguis inimicus . 2 months ago

And Teofimo Lopez haters try to say Richard Commey is not an elite fighter just cause they Devin Haney fan girls. Put some respect on Commey’s name!!! He drops Haney, Tank and Garcia.
Mosfet King

Mosfet King . 2 months ago

Damned ... If rolando rolly steps up he will get his ass beat
P. Rich

P. Rich . 2 months ago

Haney really needs a guy like Commey on his resume... hell Rolley and Commey should be his next 2 fights then Teo wouldn't be able to duck him
Mr Shitbag

Mr Shitbag . 2 months ago

Let’s see em against Lopez again
Tone Bangerz

Tone Bangerz . 2 months ago

Richard Commey has ALWAYS been a DANGEROUS fighter.
mike smith

mike smith . 2 months ago

richard still got options man he came from nothing he could well win another title
notorious fargo

notorious fargo . 2 months ago

30 wins with 27 KOs immense power at lightweight

H T . 2 months ago

Commey vs Rollie
Domingo Walt

Domingo Walt . 2 months ago

Why Martinez walk up on him with his hands down

norvinzor . 2 months ago

Ive always think that Richard commey have been a great fighter! He should get more media more! I swear its worth it! hes gonn be champ again.
Derek Gakpo

Derek Gakpo . 2 months ago

Well done commey
tamnad vardis

tamnad vardis . 2 months ago

Respect to my Ghanaian champion

Rayray . 2 months ago

Great comeback??? Who the hell is that guy😂😂😂😂? Another cab driver ?
Leofrido Fontaine

Leofrido Fontaine . 2 months ago

Que clase derecha le metió hay con las manos abajo el dominicano

IMM BRICK . 2 months ago

Let him Fight Rolly Next Rolly been waiting for someone easy 🍔🍔🍔

点一三八点xxx . 2 months ago


DrWuDoc . 2 months ago

Don’t think Haney, Tank or Garcia will want any part of Commey!
Ruther Tagala

Ruther Tagala . 2 months ago

happy to see commey make a return to the ring in spectacular fashion. i wish the best to this man’s career.

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