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Best Free Editing Software For YouTube! (Tutorial)


Published on 5 years ago

►This is the actual best free editing software for YouTube! (Davinci Resolve)◄ Subscribe? 😊
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★ 64 bit only

▼FAQ ▼

Q ► Can't install / QuickTime ( qt decoder failed).

A ► Reinstall and download QuickTime from apple's website. (restart may be needed)

Q ► Why aren't my video files showing up?

A ►Drag the video file directly into the media pool (from your file explorer) or if that doesn't work convert it to another format ( MP4 with the h.264 codec ). Also see "qt decoder failed" above.

Q ► Choppy Playback / Crashing

A ► Select DNxHR LB under optimize media and cache frames / check if your hardware is bottlenecking.

Q ► Can't add audio files?

A ► Convert them to .wav format.

Q ► Can't export using the settings in the video.

A ► My small mistake try using Quicktime/MPEG4

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Comments :


LoKi FX . 4 years ago

😜 UPDATED EDITING SOFTWARE VIDEO!! 👀➜ The BEST Free Editing Software For YouTube! 🎥 - https://youtu.be/GdjKgYnu1VY ❌ Subscribe For My New Dope Ass Videos 😛 🔥👕 Cop Some Merch ▪️ http://bit.ly/shopsovicious ✔️ ▼ ▼ ▼ and Follow my ▼ 😈 Instagram 📷➝ https://www.instagram.com/sv_loki/ Twitter 🕊 ➝ https://twitter.com/sV_LoKi
No Copyright Music - Absolutely Free

No Copyright Music - Absolutely Free . 2 months ago

Honeyzz ;0

Honeyzz ;0 . 2 months ago

It free but it has a big ass watermark in the middle of the video, idk if it will work but there a thing call watermark remover
Logo Bagus

Logo Bagus . 6 months ago

good contents want to be friend?
Zeus The Entertainer

Zeus The Entertainer . 7 months ago

Can I use a green screen with this??

OfficialBunn_E . 11 months ago

Love it! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC42y5bz0sLS7FvpVtP6x_XA?view_as=subscriber

TheTopBanana . 1 year ago

i think ill stick with windows movie maker.

PROBIR MONDAL . 1 year ago

It's not a free softwatw

lafrek . 1 year ago

This video was good but u need to have more existing in your voice

Pižďuch . 1 year ago

Like and sub!

VOAXY 1 . 2 years ago

it worked omg we just got rich in just a day

DurvyGames . 2 years ago

Just got adobe premiere pro cs4 I have Sony Vegas 11.0 and adobe photoshop cs6 I’m good
Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt . 2 years ago

why when u generate optimized media on multiple clips it eats up so much disc space it took more than 70+ GB and it was at 15%. and how to find where it was generated so i can delete it
Tim Harmon

Tim Harmon . 2 years ago

I'm back

Isaac . 2 years ago

On this software can you take a clip from the video file and save the clip

ChloeSwirls . 2 years ago

his voice sounds like the green candy that was ate by wreck it ralph

PUBG picks MOBIKE . 2 years ago

U took 2 to 3 mins to download i took 1 hour to download see how slow is my laptop
Cat T

Cat T . 2 years ago

It may be free but it didn't work on my system. The file is HUGE at 1.55 Gb. Furthermore it wouldn't start the project manager said a file was missing and to install it from installer, which I couldn't figure out. But I got in the program anyway but was totally lost and it kept hanging up anyway. And then it was a pain in the butt uninstalling the software. Guess it's just too powerful for my system.
Grand HOLO

Grand HOLO . 2 years ago

must pay?
Porcha Collins

Porcha Collins . 2 years ago

I got the 15 version
Mine_B0x!! 033

Mine_B0x!! 033 . 2 years ago


AnimeBoi . 2 years ago

Can you do sound effects like people memes?
Fletcher Wilson

Fletcher Wilson . 2 years ago

Can you take the sound out of the clips and add a music track on top of the montage of clips

Ruvi . 3 years ago

How this got 1 mil and his normal vids get like 100 views lol
Crazy Bannanas

Crazy Bannanas . 3 years ago

could he not sound more tired?
K I guess

K I guess . 3 years ago

His voice is so deep that it makes my insides move
hassana bagh

hassana bagh . 3 years ago

Strong voice i love it

Alchris . 3 years ago

does it have a watermark?
Yousuf Ahmed

Yousuf Ahmed . 3 years ago

My ears burn of ur voice...
Feeling Uncreative

Feeling Uncreative . 3 years ago

I need someone to edit my videos (I suck at it) but I can't pay at all in return, all I can do is credit you in the video and description
John Smith

John Smith . 3 years ago

why do you play music in the background that interferes with your voice. So annoying. Obviously only made for young ears

Zaxe . 3 years ago

why you sound so depressed
fishing_since_born cayden

fishing_since_born cayden . 3 years ago

Pls I need subs and viwes
Megija M

Megija M . 3 years ago

This is for free
Megija M

Megija M . 3 years ago

Trīs is foto free

THE W-MAN . 3 years ago

i still have sony vegas pro 11

TNT FF . 3 years ago

Zaid Abedin

Zaid Abedin . 3 years ago

Alysa Harrington

Alysa Harrington . 3 years ago

Are there any watermarks?

Svensgaard . 3 years ago

I cant open the program
Scoop Daddy

Scoop Daddy . 3 years ago

Can u use OBS as the recording system to edit with this program?

AntPlayz . 3 years ago

This is not free..

Grizzley . 3 years ago

Can you add in music while seeing your gameplay?
Ricardo Valdez

Ricardo Valdez . 3 years ago


Diakritical . 3 years ago

Tutorial for what?
Casual Karen

Casual Karen . 3 years ago

Casual Karen

Casual Karen . 3 years ago

What pic you got

Mertle . 3 years ago


ZSAP . 3 years ago

Is this no watermark? Notice me

NinjaHD . 3 years ago

Is that really the best video editor pls.. reply bro

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