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Top Rank Boxing

Published on 2 months ago

Watch highlights from todays fight between #GabeFloresJr and Jayson Velez on the undercard of #BercheltValdez. In the fight, Flores Jr had a highlight reel knockout of Velez in the 6th Round.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, Unified Light Heavyweight World Champion Artur Beterbiev is set for ring return March 20 Against Adam Deines.

WBC/IBF light heavyweight world champion Artur Beterbiev (15-0, 15 KOs) will fight top contender Adam Deines in a special Russian homecoming Saturday, March 20 at Megasport Arena in Moscow.

Beterbiev-Deines to headline card that will air LIVE on an ESPN platform from Megasport Arena in Moscow

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Comments :

Dana white

Dana white . 2 days ago

Shakur makes this kid look bad if they fight

Erika . 3 weeks ago

I went to school with gabriel
Luis Chavarria

Luis Chavarria . 1 month ago

Stop being so cocky. And stay humble.

KiddCuddy2O9 . 1 month ago

Gabriel Flores needs to fight Ryan Garcia
Justin Drayton

Justin Drayton . 1 month ago

That left hook from hell should have put the division on check and letting them all know he coming for em 😁🤔😌, that's the stuff of nightmares bruh. Damnnnnn
Young Pac

Young Pac . 2 months ago

Fabulous K.O! Gabe had him weak in the kneees 😆 🤣 😂, U C the wobbly wobble
Renato Tato

Renato Tato . 2 months ago

Nombrale a esos guerreros kasajos y que pegue com uno de ellos a ver de que está hecho flores, ya este Vélez no da mas.
Chris G

Chris G . 2 months ago

Dude thinks he can punch with only 7 KOs he be going the distance with a bunch of bums

Tank . 2 months ago

Putting Stockton on the map good shit
Jay Narvaez

Jay Narvaez . 2 months ago

He not fuccin with valdez, Leo, Shakur or Mares

Joemodesto . 2 months ago

Those temple shots man! That’ll do it for any boxer. It’s the punch that shook berchelt.
Murshida cooking house

Murshida cooking house . 2 months ago


Jaguar . 2 months ago

Flores, respect your opponent, pick your audience cause they audience you gaining with your after fight antics is different than the one who follows you naturally, all u can do is lose fans.
AK Alksander

AK Alksander . 2 months ago

He was playing with his food?
Mr. Martinez

Mr. Martinez . 2 months ago

Stockton 209! East side homie

ËL BøRRï . 2 months ago

Flores vs dodgeboe
Eren Jaeger

Eren Jaeger . 2 months ago

He’s Gunna Get Fucked Up By The Top Guys, He Didn’t Fight The Velez That They Fought
Mr Shitbag

Mr Shitbag . 2 months ago

Boxing is getting even better
Javier Juarez

Javier Juarez . 2 months ago

Bla bla bla bla !
long hair dont care

long hair dont care . 2 months ago

Dam Boxing is on fire now
Victor Aliceá Bonilla

Victor Aliceá Bonilla . 2 months ago

No vale la pena seguir exponiéndose a golpes no tiene sentido es mejor el retiro no le sirvas escalón a otro
Victor Aliceá Bonilla

Victor Aliceá Bonilla . 2 months ago

Is time to retired jason velez
Jonathan Ruiz

Jonathan Ruiz . 2 months ago

Next big thing
Alfonso Moreno

Alfonso Moreno . 2 months ago

0:40 que expresiones tan mas estupidas...cae mal este tipo engreido
diego flores

diego flores . 2 months ago

He’s not ready for a title shot!!! All this cocky kids think they’re so good that they deserve everything so soon.
Orlando Guevara

Orlando Guevara . 2 months ago

Texas in da house 🤘
Macho Reyes

Macho Reyes . 2 months ago

That kid is hungry! He got the eye of the tiger!
allan lee

allan lee . 2 months ago

That was the lamest celebration ever. Seriously whats up with that eating gesture?

Rhythm . 2 months ago

He fought a punching bag bro
Jose Mosqueda

Jose Mosqueda . 2 months ago

He beats shakur.
Tim Rodriguez

Tim Rodriguez . 2 months ago

Shit veldez would knock florez out to end his lil streak
Robert Lopez

Robert Lopez . 2 months ago

Doesn’t respect opponents. Will come back to bite him
Roy Hollins

Roy Hollins . 2 months ago

Horrible stoppage !!!
Luis Flores

Luis Flores . 2 months ago

Flores all dat
Skippz 1904

Skippz 1904 . 2 months ago

Last night was a great night of boxing Flores JR next up 🗣
Ringmaster JEB

Ringmaster JEB . 2 months ago

Only flaw is that he pauses right in front of his opponent after a combo, gonna get caught doing that. Good fighter for sure.
Elisario Figueroa

Elisario Figueroa . 2 months ago

Está vien ganó, pero le falta umildad al bato.
Baby Death

Baby Death . 2 months ago

Heavy Hands.
Moises Radilla

Moises Radilla . 2 months ago

For some reason Shakur and Flores want the winner or Hering vs Frampton.
Shabraz 7861

Shabraz 7861 . 2 months ago

Hes got power but just need to fix up on his jabs
Juan Espinoza

Juan Espinoza . 2 months ago


motiongold . 2 months ago


BROWN ON BOXING . 2 months ago

Time for Flores,Valdez,Herring and Shakur to fight no excuses TopRank all these guy's in the same weight class..
J Lee

J Lee . 2 months ago

Guy got glass chin
Mark Murphy

Mark Murphy . 2 months ago

Forearm smash.. Nice
Ever S

Ever S . 2 months ago

Excellent work easy money homie
C. Sujo

C. Sujo . 2 months ago

No chance at Ryan Garcia
Wrong side of Heaven

Wrong side of Heaven . 2 months ago

he was just lucky he hit him first.
cholo potpot

cholo potpot . 2 months ago

Kung pinoy makakapanood sasabihin benta
Ultra Instinct

Ultra Instinct . 2 months ago

Flores beats shakur.

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