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Meatpacking: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


Published on 2 weeks ago

The pandemic has thrown into high relief some of the longstanding issues surrounding working conditions in meatpacking facilities. John Oliver explains why greater oversight is needed, and how we can go about getting it.

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Comments :

Some Guy From The Internet

Some Guy From The Internet . 1 hour ago

The show has always been preachy and extremely biased, but since the doing it in the void bit...it has been worse, to a point I can't even watch anymore. Maybe this clip talking about something that isn't Trump and republicans is a sign the show is going back to being more informative instead of just another show of people's angry opinions.

jonescity . 2 hours ago

Even though this was a somber subject there was soooo many opportunities for Adam Driver jokes here...I was half expecting it.

Zakkuya . 2 hours ago

The industry that treats lives as a product doesn't care about its workers?? Whaaat??? I'm all for John's suggestions of strongly regulating these factories, but realistically, this industry needs to lose its subsidies and fade out.
Joan Harrison

Joan Harrison . 3 hours ago

Thank you, John Oliver, for bringing the evils of meatpacking to light. For more information on meatpacking, including what the animals suffer leading up to it, read Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs: An Inside Look at the Modern Poultry Industry, by Karen Davis, and Slaughterhouse, by Gail A. Eisnitz.
Richard Kuklinski

Richard Kuklinski . 4 hours ago

“Meatpacking” is what John Oliver does with other men every night.
Moon Memento

Moon Memento . 4 hours ago

it's totally our country.
Nob ody

Nob ody . 4 hours ago

Batheooms: u go before u start work and on ur break even if u dont have to go. That's how u train ur body when it's time to go. Hands hurt: take some tylenol. Construction works always hurt. That's what we do.
Harmony Mitcham

Harmony Mitcham . 4 hours ago

I would never work a job that didnt allow you time to go to the bathroom, its ridiculous that people allow this, I understand the need for money but honestly its not worth it, your safety and health is more important.

thecraftycreeper . 4 hours ago

I'm in Iowa and I'm disgusted at Tysons for this and also I'm surprised i did not hear about this sooner and the reason i am so disgusted is not only the behavior but also since pork incredibly important to Iowa since it is the corn and pork state and this behavior in a pork packing factory is unacceptable especially in Iowa
Steven Evans

Steven Evans . 6 hours ago

George State

George State . 7 hours ago

16:21.. now fore real.. how the fuck can a funeral cost more than 15k USD or whatereve the fk currency you want to convert to ?!?!?!

BanXxX69 . 7 hours ago

05:39 I think I just lost my faith in humanity knowing these things are already happening in a 2nd world country...
Luis Tarantini

Luis Tarantini . 7 hours ago

I dont know who unironically would watch this clown.

Drops2cents . 8 hours ago

Gee, that guinea pig acts quite like my two toms when they're playfully fighting and chasing each other on the lawn around our house! :-)
BanefulLeaf x

BanefulLeaf x . 10 hours ago

Thank God I'm not from the States😖
BanefulLeaf x

BanefulLeaf x . 10 hours ago

When a company says we're family, RUN!
Tharun Sonti

Tharun Sonti . 10 hours ago

No surprise that an industry that commodifies animal life for profit cares little for the lives of its human employees. Treating them as disposable inputs. While pretending they're "family".. An abusive family. This is why I switched to eating plants . Preserve your humanity and conscience.
Emma Sayers

Emma Sayers . 11 hours ago

Disclaimer: I'm a vegetarian with vegan leanings. I am not against people eating meat, per se, but I am definitely against animal death camps and related processes. Clearly, it is bad for the animals, that's a no-brainer, but rather than wanting to point my finger at meat eaters, I would invite them to get their meat produce from more ethical sources. Sure, it will be more expensive, but less meat in your diet is healthier for you and better for the environment and ultimately better for the demographics that end up in the squalid jobs (faux slavery) shown here.
Kyle Knight

Kyle Knight . 12 hours ago

John Oliver is garbage.
Fakn Lars

Fakn Lars . 12 hours ago

The US = 3rd world
Meban Kharkongor

Meban Kharkongor . 12 hours ago

You can replace the owl with John Oliver's picture and no one would even know the difference 😂
Laine La Cava

Laine La Cava . 12 hours ago

The comedy writing on this show has really gone to shit, but the content is still interesting....even if nothing will ever change.
Ethan Bondick

Ethan Bondick . 13 hours ago

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Frank Zhu

Frank Zhu . 13 hours ago

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Linda John

Linda John . 13 hours ago

Shit just left me speechless. Just.. wtf.
Velvet Thunder

Velvet Thunder . 13 hours ago

I won't stay in a company if my boss starts the speech with ' we are a family'. No I am not, I am here for money. 🤷🏻
Bee V

Bee V . 14 hours ago

I just wanted to say it was a sad move to feature the old man dying of covid just to push your point. Really low. The man must have been close to 80 already, just to feature him to push your cause. So low. Not funny at all.
Bee V

Bee V . 14 hours ago

Is this still a comedy show?
Mamanicole I

Mamanicole I . 15 hours ago

I thought slavery was abolished in America 155 years ago? Some world leader😧😧😧😧😧😧
Pearl The Spinster

Pearl The Spinster . 15 hours ago

I stopped eating tyson back in 2009. It always made my stomach upset and i just think that chicken should not be that big. One chicken breast can be cut into 4, or if you are really hungry 2. No matter how much you season it tasted like rubbery crap.
Wayne Tan

Wayne Tan . 17 hours ago

Do a segment on teacher’s union!

Sekai . 17 hours ago

i watch this what can we do? instead of bozos storming the capital for stupid reasons storm the capital for reasons like this!

SemiEinstein . 19 hours ago

John! Please cover the Myanmar situation, we all need to hear about it
Agnes Burton

Agnes Burton . 19 hours ago

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DeepFried OhioGravy

DeepFried OhioGravy . 20 hours ago

I'm glad to see that our gov't changed so much ever since Upton Sinclair wrote about the horrors of the meat-packing industry in 1904... What...? Oh... Nevermind...
Sandy Diller

Sandy Diller . 20 hours ago

Grateful that a horrendous colonoscopy 14 years ago made me go plant-based. I got to thinking about fast food. What if meat cost, say $50 for 1/4 lb of whatever? Then the very people who can’t afford to have Type ll Diabetes, heart disease, etc. would find that eating whole-food-plant-based 99% of the time would eliminate those diseases. Three films (no judgement!!!) I’d recommend include “What the Health,” “The Game Changers,” and “Forks Over Knives.”

1844junkercars . 21 hours ago


sasquatchize . 21 hours ago

Sounds too much like my current factory job making FUCKING hot tubs/spas
Trinity Hope

Trinity Hope . 21 hours ago

The mean picture eventually load because nerve functionally sprout save a imported football. chunky, next son

HohHoch . 22 hours ago

I feel like there's a whole book about this...
Bass Little

Bass Little . 23 hours ago

There has to be a Democrat in office for this guy to talk about the things that matter. Glad he is back I can finally watch this show again

GreenDanGerman . 24 hours ago

That's why my hard earned money isn't going to the meat industry anymore. I want plant-based companies to thrive and create alternative no-risk jobs for those people.
BigPiece Gaming

BigPiece Gaming . 1 day ago

Nothing will happen
Gerhard Adler

Gerhard Adler . 1 day ago

Anything that has to do with meat is disgusting. Be it breeding, slaughter, packaging or whatever. All good reasons to stop eating meat.
Johan Kramer

Johan Kramer . 1 day ago

10:40 that guy looks like the whitest whitey mcWhitey Racist ever born on this Planet. and his Company is called "PILGRIMS PRIDE"??? wooooooowwww

TheEngineered . 1 day ago

Incoming dick joke

ExtremeTurtle . 1 day ago

That’s strange I do commercial roofing and any safety rule broken is 130k fine. We just had a guy fall of a roof. 40 feet. He broke both his arms and a few ribs. We got fined 150k

Phoenix . 1 day ago

I've said it before and will say it again: if your place of work uses the exact same indoctrination language as a murder-suicide cult, ala "family", GET OUT. They will work you to death with no regard for anything except their own company's appearance.

MrBogus213 . 1 day ago

I live in the county in which the JBS plant is located. The vast majority of citizens here are absolutely brainwashed by the republican lie machine and their corporate overlords. It's genuinely sad and terrifying.
sead facic

sead facic . 1 day ago

Oh crap Jaime! Not you too?!??! Stop acting like you have live audience and start beiing your self. Just stop. Please.

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