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Smart Rocket League Players vs Mechanical Players (who's better?)


Published on 2 weeks ago

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Rocket League is all about your rank... but you also have to worry about 2 main playing characteristics; Game sense and mechanics. Most players have a mix of both but there are some people who are more of only one those types. I wanted to find out which is more important and what better way than forcing players to 1v1. So we will see platinums, diamonds, grand champs and even supersonic legends face off against their opposite. Will Mechanics or Game Sense prove to be more important?

0:00 Intro
0:43 Ad
1:40 Platinum Match
4:46 Diamond Match
7:35 Grand Champ Match
10:57 Supersonic Legend Match

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Comments :


CBell . 2 weeks ago

I thought the smarter players would've won all of these games. Hope you enjoyed the video and thanks again for today's sponsor! Check them out below: 🎯Download or Play FRAG PRO Shooter for free: https://bit.ly/3ramO14 Get $6 worth of free rewards! X1 gold chest 🎉 + 500 coins 💰 + 50 diamonds 💎 + 1 special offer 🎁 only for you!
Wiggle Master

Wiggle Master . 50 minutes ago

As a plat 1 I could’ve easily beat both of those plats
Wiggle Master

Wiggle Master . 1 hour ago

Those plats were so bad lol i could beat them
Zachary Carbon

Zachary Carbon . 3 hours ago

those Gcs were just not good. i’m c3 in solos and i can’t get in gc but fuck if i got these guys
Martin Grindberg

Martin Grindberg . 5 hours ago

The first people cant be plat bruv

qeaftXBL . 6 hours ago

I could fs do better than the mechanical plat

_0N1X_ . 10 hours ago

Wow I could do so much better than the plats cuz I'm diamond

LukezasZ . 10 hours ago

hey man, I'm plat, but definitely better than those plats lol, never reached dia but the highest i've been is plat 3 div 4, i'd love to participate in one of these, my discord is lukez#5843
RETNO 3003

RETNO 3003 . 19 hours ago

u cappin about that mobile game :P

SweetBabySteph . 21 hours ago

im plat and have no clue how those guys are diamond😂 i would win 1v1 no question
Maxwell Perez

Maxwell Perez . 23 hours ago

I think that the plats are good, but I am gold and think that I’m better
Your Dad

Your Dad . 1 day ago

I think being mechanical is better at lower ranks and being smart is better at higher ranks

KermisTheRetard . 1 day ago

I'm pretty much both but a bronze stuck in d1.
Thure Kek

Thure Kek . 1 day ago

I mean frag is better than fortnite.
Maven Vigilante

Maven Vigilante . 1 day ago

I’ve played call of duty wagers for a while so money doesn’t really change the way I play but idk rockets league is intense 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
Team Tactical02

Team Tactical02 . 1 day ago

These vids are so scripted

Clofreeze . 1 day ago

The mechanical plat was trash at mechanics
Danny Mac

Danny Mac . 1 day ago

If you ever do another 1v1 for mechanics vs smart I’d love to represent smart players. I’m c1 in 1’s and c2 in 2’s reaching as high as c3 div 4 solo queuing. I only recently started using ball cam but still don’t really use it in game.

Nosity . 1 day ago

Felix: yea I’m smart Also Felix: BOOST > BALLLL

NOLSFTW . 1 day ago

If there was money involved i feel like I would be able to do this so sign me up
Hunter Pearson

Hunter Pearson . 1 day ago

The way I've seen it is that smart players are more consistent than mechanical players but if they lack mechanics, their smarts are worthless
Cailean Lavery

Cailean Lavery . 1 day ago

I think I'm a bit better then the plats in this video as I don't make as much mistakes and I play a wee bit smarter
Finster 609

Finster 609 . 1 day ago

Man if I was in these videos it would make my day

BlazeBusterLP . 2 days ago

I am a mechanical player too. I am diamond 2 and I would love to play in one of this viedeos
Magic Pringles

Magic Pringles . 2 days ago

I am diamond 2 in ones and my mecanics are so bad its hard to comprehend how i have this rank. I cant airdribbel i cant areal fast i cant halfflip and i cant dribble at all. Open net misses are completely normal and my recoveries are the worst you will ever see. On top of that my kickoffs are more or less driving to the ball and flipping. But i play smart and even if my mecanics suck as hell i win 50% of the games. Ps. I play on nintendo switch, maybe that has to do with my mecanical dissablity
Paul Raducu

Paul Raducu . 2 days ago

the mom in the background gives me so much anxiety of getting yelled at daily for 27 years straight and yes I moved out and still heard her in the distance..
Brayden Black

Brayden Black . 2 days ago

I’m a smart player and I could beat the plat’s
Nicolas Brotherton

Nicolas Brotherton . 2 days ago

Yeah none of those plays play good at all.
Kristen McNamara

Kristen McNamara . 2 days ago

I would love to be in one of these videos! My username is ConnieMackVlogs on Xbox
ari barclay

ari barclay . 2 days ago

lol love how scripted it feels
Madd Maxon

Madd Maxon . 2 days ago

yo i am ore on the mechanical side i silver but goated set me up please im 9 and never get a chance in a vid even with my best friends
Eduardo Aguilera

Eduardo Aguilera . 2 days ago

Hey can I join I am plat 1 so if I can join in any video then just reply to my comment
Niko Giannoulias

Niko Giannoulias . 2 days ago

im a plat and better than most ppl in my rank, quote that
mo saj

mo saj . 2 days ago

Who else thinks that the gcs car was ugly
Amber Mulcahy

Amber Mulcahy . 2 days ago

I downloaded it thx Cbell :)
jimmy kman

jimmy kman . 2 days ago

I am gold 3s and I deserve c2 at least.
Just Wxntedツ

Just Wxntedツ . 2 days ago

I could do pretty good
darknight brother

darknight brother . 2 days ago

S6 stingray
charlie ferguson

charlie ferguson . 2 days ago

Video idea goalkeepers vs defender
Oliver Martin

Oliver Martin . 2 days ago

How am I stuck in plat smh
Yvng_ sav13

Yvng_ sav13 . 2 days ago

imma d3 i could do better than the d3s:)
Reborn RL

Reborn RL . 2 days ago

Looking into how you get into these match ups, they sounds
Jarrett Gadziemski

Jarrett Gadziemski . 2 days ago

Yo I am a plat 3 and would love to be in a video. I'm pretty good at ones and am a game-sense guy over mechanics.
grappler 770

grappler 770 . 2 days ago

Yo nice clickbait bro. Smart person dont even know where to double jump? Lmao these are his friends and this is a clickbait video.

erravii . 2 days ago

8:26 I was really expecting a follow-up, "Do you like pancakes?" "Do you like french toast? Doo doo doo doo can't wait to get a mouthful, waffles!"
SonnyBoBunny _

SonnyBoBunny _ . 2 days ago

Boy that statement about at higher ranks you always feel like you are trash. No matter how good you actually are. Really hit home
Felipe Sousa

Felipe Sousa . 2 days ago

i wanna to be part of it (im around d3 and c1)
Dragos G. Ilie

Dragos G. Ilie . 2 days ago

I’m diamon 3 and I could beat those grand champions
Leandro T

Leandro T . 2 days ago

This just shows that u don’t need mechanics to get in high ranks but it would help if u had both skills on hand
Yohans Cold

Yohans Cold . 3 days ago

Boltin comin back for the reverse-uno clip shot was fire 😂😂

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