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What Your Fortnite Skin Says Of You..


Published on 2 weeks ago

What Your Fortnite Skin Says About You.. This #Fortnite video contains Fortnite skins, sweaty Fortnite skins and tryhard Fortnite skins! Subscribe for more #Bancily content!

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Comments :


Bancily . 2 weeks ago

What's your main skin? 'll tell you what it says about you if it wasn't on the list.
Dinky Doughnut

Dinky Doughnut . 5 minutes ago

Where's black knight
Supreme Gamer

Supreme Gamer . 22 minutes ago

Where’s the kosher skin at

ElLucasso . 3 hours ago

I gotta say my main is either storm racer or dread omen.
Reagan F

Reagan F . 4 hours ago

Manic gang

Soul_Sniper . 4 hours ago

I watched terminator 2 and 3
Zae Thomas Jr

Zae Thomas Jr . 5 hours ago

Travis scott
Tiko Fans

Tiko Fans . 6 hours ago

Do y si not tragarte
Tiko Fans

Tiko Fans . 6 hours ago

Not true
J&J Clicktix

J&J Clicktix . 8 hours ago

i hate how true this is

ItonyAKGI . 8 hours ago

Bro how you leave the pink bear out shes an OG shaking my head
Miracle Shogbola

Miracle Shogbola . 9 hours ago

22 is me!!!!!

It’s OGGXEツ . 11 hours ago

4:29 who’s reet ?

fpnobelis . 12 hours ago

Im the default im a creative player which lost their account which had skins on it, im a sweat on a slow laptop.
This Here

This Here . 16 hours ago

I'm one of those people that buy every exclusive skin. I'm also a person that doesn't regret it but also do.
DJ Plasma

DJ Plasma . 19 hours ago

I use default but I have other skins
Wahid Abbas

Wahid Abbas . 20 hours ago

I used to play halo
Wahid Abbas

Wahid Abbas . 20 hours ago

I wish I got master chief:(
charles morgan

charles morgan . 21 hours ago

not everyone that has fish stick is part of "fishy army"

Radial . 22 hours ago

ngl this is kinda cringe Not tryna hate tho
Bulking Jelly

Bulking Jelly . 23 hours ago

Who else’s skin wasn’t on here

Avery . 23 hours ago

When u have every sweaty skin but ur shit at the skin

Kal . 23 hours ago

7:14 FAX

Galby2k9 . 1 day ago

Dude I play elite agent 24/7 and it literally describes me
Aadiyan Khan

Aadiyan Khan . 1 day ago

I wear the aura and every thing he said is ABSOLUTELY TRUE
lyly rose

lyly rose . 1 day ago

Jotaro : They copy me yare yare daze

SlimShadyLOL . 1 day ago

is t800 coming back
Miguel Cueto

Miguel Cueto . 1 day ago

Reacon Ranger

Izxccyy . 1 day ago


NRG Vux . 1 day ago

My main skin is purple superhero skin no mask purple hair star want and pwr pack

Xswag808 . 1 day ago

I am elite agent, I have elite agent
Ethan Poplin

Ethan Poplin . 1 day ago

I am 22
Grrr Gang

Grrr Gang . 1 day ago

Im the midas one
Sly Omnivorplayz

Sly Omnivorplayz . 1 day ago

I’m manic that’s my main skin and I play like that

CGSmithy . 1 day ago

I swear this guy is a stalker

Samzy . 2 days ago

Superhero skins i love them

Freshy . 2 days ago

I’m banana
humans world

humans world . 2 days ago

Aura, so accurate.
Olivia Velasquez

Olivia Velasquez . 2 days ago

I’m dog water at warzone

golden-bike0 . 2 days ago

i regret buying tavis

OG BOSS 65 YT . 2 days ago

Bruh I bought the pack I could send proof DM me on discord (I tell you if you reply)

ΨThinhzyΨ . 2 days ago

I’m so confused how you not seen default now days they are sweat (including me)
John Radford

John Radford . 2 days ago

Let’s see, I’m predator, and Midas
Fuze Death

Fuze Death . 2 days ago

I don't have a main skin

NameUnknown . 2 days ago

NIX Ducky

NIX Ducky . 2 days ago

I’m the wild cat now And I do have a monitor and gaming chair But no pc🥲

KingTember . 2 days ago

Ronskid da King

Ronskid da King . 2 days ago

Me casually chilling with Velocity

PhoenixMk2 . 2 days ago

Instinct I got it with the fresh bundle
Pope Francis

Pope Francis . 2 days ago

I use maxed out fade with spectral axe and molten wrap

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