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Published on 2 weeks ago

The man is back so the memes are back
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Comments :


jacksepticeye . 2 weeks ago

He's BACK!
Jakey Cakey

Jakey Cakey . 38 minutes ago

rights so i was wathcing this vid right before my mum told me we were going out so I paused it on a very stange face made by seán and it was super strange because I got ready then looked back at my screen and was like: I feel like I was just watched getting ready by a hilarious Irish dude. idk why I posted this comment I just did
Anastasia B

Anastasia B . 1 hour ago

Jack: if you swear then youtube won't like you Youtube: shows appreciation when he comes back Also Jack explaining stuff about testicals Me a girl: skips aggressively

DemiTheVampireKing . 3 hours ago

Tadzi Contreras

Tadzi Contreras . 3 hours ago

hey jack im not sure you will see this but ive been subscribed for as long as I can remember I cant remember what video exactly was the first one but I started watching back when you had your little hat on so yea a while and its good to hear that youre back and feeling better im not one to comment this is actually my first ever comment on any video but youre videos have always helped me through rough times so stay strong and keep up the good work my dude missed you while you were away but im glad youre back and all better.
Ace Of Kpop

Ace Of Kpop . 3 hours ago

You were AWAKE during your colonoscopy??! What the f-- I've had two of them, and I was knocked out each time...Same result as you though, they didn't "find anything", but I'm on medication for IBD now. I hope you get answers soon Jack!
regi yourfluffyfreind

regi yourfluffyfreind . 4 hours ago


godofmetal103 . 4 hours ago

O noo jack got analprobed,
Edua gaming

Edua gaming . 5 hours ago

9:20 I thought it was because youtube’s like naah we cant it is how he makes views hes funny like that

extremegamer267 . 5 hours ago

I am that shorts fucker no matter how cold.

extremegamer267 . 5 hours ago

Looking like a boss my friend
Angel Mangle

Angel Mangle . 5 hours ago

18:54 So fucking cute, just omg. I love yall, that is one of the cutest things. Goals right there.
yuno gasai

yuno gasai . 5 hours ago

we are all here for you jack im glad to see ur ok
Ayrionna Mott

Ayrionna Mott . 6 hours ago

It won't get dimonitized because your Irish there sapost to cuss, lol😂
Wossle 73

Wossle 73 . 6 hours ago

13:12 Editor (Robin?) adds a tiny Fart noise! LOL. And Jack thinks, He's Getting Immature?...........NO, NO, NO! IT just gets Funnier & More In-Appropriate at, Those "PROPER" Places SEAN! ENJOY, Laughing at the UP-TIGHT Snobs, Cause, F. it! Your never gonna be one of "THEM"!
Adoptme Gaming

Adoptme Gaming . 6 hours ago


compakef . 8 hours ago

i love you
João Matos

João Matos . 9 hours ago

W8 you can watch your colonoscopy live???
Mystery Hey

Mystery Hey . 11 hours ago

im sorry i havent watched your videos in a while but i am getting into your nightmare two series

Wren1013 . 11 hours ago

yo the music gives me so much nostalgia at the colonoscopy story holy shit
George Ivan

George Ivan . 12 hours ago

Baileigh Reed-Grimmett

Baileigh Reed-Grimmett . 12 hours ago

GI tract issue club unite!
Double D Drames

Double D Drames . 12 hours ago

people watching this without friends be getting completely crushed silently
Double D Drames

Double D Drames . 12 hours ago

*german hentai*
Adelaide an egg

Adelaide an egg . 12 hours ago

jack- I really hope you know that we would rather you take months to grieve than let yourself
Asa Knott

Asa Knott . 13 hours ago

Why did the colonoscopy section make my asshole boil

Omen . 13 hours ago

To be honest are use both consuls

BRIAN Kim . 15 hours ago

The abounding resolution posteriorly time because bankbook booly wave including a mixed texture. sharp, melodic windshield
Ben drowned Simp

Ben drowned Simp . 15 hours ago

I’ve been here since 2013 I’m not leaving anytime soon and I think that’s the same for A lot of people. We love you

Demo . 15 hours ago

14:54 SEAN WAS IN A HENTAI!?!??!
Ohad Gilbert

Ohad Gilbert . 16 hours ago

the story time music took me back so much wow
Stevie Newitt

Stevie Newitt . 17 hours ago

Im so glad ur back jack im very sorry for yor loss i don't know what its like but it must be really sad once more if I'm working this wrong then I'm sorry but I'm glad your back i really missed you and just thank you I've watch you for a while when im sad ill play games and watch you and it cheers me up in general once again I'm so so sorry for your loss

trip30s . 18 hours ago

change pupil to a coffee bean...duh cmon sean...so easy.
Absolute Strange

Absolute Strange . 19 hours ago

Jacksepticeye please continue the 3 horror games series again
Devers FTW

Devers FTW . 21 hours ago

No offence but that was definitely roids
Alan Rodriguez

Alan Rodriguez . 21 hours ago

Bruh my birthdays Feb 8
Jen fanatic

Jen fanatic . 22 hours ago

Ace Grantson

Ace Grantson . 23 hours ago

Hey jack. I just got a manbun. Thanks.
The Oni

The Oni . 24 hours ago

*The Return of The King*
Brandon Camarillo

Brandon Camarillo . 1 day ago

when your ready play more satisfactory

Emikemta . 1 day ago

it upsets me it isn't pre-covid and post-covid yet T^T
Gre zard

Gre zard . 1 day ago

re watching this while going to bed but 1 thing i can say is ps ftw

Emre GENÇ . 1 day ago

11:55 THİCC
That Giraffe You Might Know

That Giraffe You Might Know . 1 day ago

Jack I am the shithead that comes to class with shorts and t-shirt on no matter the day.

SaTuRoChAn . 1 day ago

Hope you have fun making stuff again and just make whatever you have fun with :D

Error.404 . 1 day ago

Jack should just change his banner to "BUY MY COFFEE"

Bafflinnn . 1 day ago

13:11 nice Robin.
Lexi Rice

Lexi Rice . 1 day ago

Der Schmidt

Der Schmidt . 1 day ago

German hentai... Oh no he said it... IT CAN'T BE REVERSED!! THE FALL OF HUMANITY IS IMMINENT
banana bros ACC

banana bros ACC . 1 day ago

For the banner you could edit loads of fan art into a collage

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