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Minecraft Hardcore - S4E63 - "CHICKEN YEET" • Highlights


Published on 1 year ago

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Edited by me :)

Profile Pic was drawn by Glamist!

Version of Minecraft = 1.15
Resource Pack = default with DokuCraft sky (read instructions below)
Instructions :: Make sure to have Optifine installed or the sky won't work. Download a DokuCraft pack from their official website https://dokucraft.co.uk/
Open the zip folder and delete everything except the "sky" folder inside of the "optifine" folder

Outro Music - "We are wired" by Kubbi from his album "Circuithead" - Check his stuff out here!

Intro Music - "Quasi Motion" by Kevin MacLeod


Comments :


Redd . 2 days ago

William Pekrul

William Pekrul . 2 days ago

I heard the breath of the wild part when playing breath of the wild lol
Tom Leggott

Tom Leggott . 3 days ago

For all the foreigners watching out there, this is *not* how we farm in the UK

Chonkychunk . 6 days ago

"I was just about to kill those children" Who are you, Technoblade?
G Slap

G Slap . 1 week ago

No the slime
Marisa Hartis

Marisa Hartis . 1 week ago

TheEpicness _

TheEpicness _ . 1 week ago

imagine watching this April 3 2021
TheEpicness _

TheEpicness _ . 1 week ago

imagine watching this april 3 2021

Bone8 . 1 week ago

17:50 this is some 1.16 stuff
• Q U E E N •

• Q U E E N • . 1 week ago

i though chickens cant fly i don't know anymore-
CJ Hartigan

CJ Hartigan . 1 week ago

RNGsus didn't bless the slimey cube bois

CryvleMC . 2 weeks ago

9:20 the way it was on beat 😫
AlAyham AlQahtani

AlAyham AlQahtani . 3 weeks ago

Heeey guys how’s it going: got me every time
Lizzie potato

Lizzie potato . 3 weeks ago

for some reason unknown this is my favorite episode of series 4, I keep coming back to rewatch it.
Toilet Wolf

Toilet Wolf . 3 weeks ago

Phil in the nether: “okay so we’re gonna do this this and this because this” *distant explosions* *burning*
The PUBG chicken

The PUBG chicken . 3 weeks ago

legend says that im still falling
Your Daily Noob!!!

Your Daily Noob!!! . 4 weeks ago

sandys house
Liam Peyton

Liam Peyton . 4 weeks ago

The title is all I need to know
Liam Ireland-Linsley

Liam Ireland-Linsley . 4 weeks ago

never understood why he wants all the mob heads
leon Foster

leon Foster . 4 weeks ago

can someone tell me why a zombie was that far in the nether
Danny 0010

Danny 0010 . 4 weeks ago

Not me skipping episodes to catch up so I can watch the streams 👀
Toon Gribnau

Toon Gribnau . 1 month ago

7:50 natural selection
Graffiti Griffin

Graffiti Griffin . 1 month ago

Well at least philza isn't like pewdiepie everything pewdiepie loves just dies
Hexagonal Pineapple

Hexagonal Pineapple . 1 month ago

I genuinely got sad when he killed the slime ;-;

Ri9Tid3 . 1 month ago

the dono at 45:34 XD
Atlantis Mffcxt

Atlantis Mffcxt . 1 month ago

I was in this stream I forgot
Connie Bussa

Connie Bussa . 1 month ago

Who who else is binge watching this whole entire series right now😂😂
Jayden Jerez

Jayden Jerez . 1 month ago

I love 🍕
Kiwi Master

Kiwi Master . 1 month ago

I'm just tryna get everything in Breath of the wild and I'm still on it to get armours to lvl Max wich takes A LONG ASS TIME because of diamonds. Star fragments. Modulga Guts and shit like that
Peter Sykes

Peter Sykes . 1 month ago

pleaseeee organize your chests
Joshua Moore

Joshua Moore . 1 month ago

Thanks so much Phil for posting on yt

DeadBoiKoi . 2 months ago

2:46 Techno adoption pog???

Albeardo2007 . 2 months ago

The slime would’ve died no matter what you can’t get treasure from such a small water source
Deividas Stasiunass

Deividas Stasiunass . 2 months ago

Who is watching this in 2021

ಠ_ಠ . 2 months ago

2:46 Phil tommy techno and Wilbur in the same shot
Keegan Euvino-Albert

Keegan Euvino-Albert . 2 months ago

ben morais

ben morais . 2 months ago

46:50 bruh
ben morais

ben morais . 2 months ago

he was too young to die
Omar Arafa

Omar Arafa . 2 months ago

why do you never use a shield
Tim Mertens

Tim Mertens . 2 months ago

f for al the slimes
A!ot Of Everything

A!ot Of Everything . 2 months ago

We finished bee island. It cute
Charoline A.

Charoline A. . 2 months ago

”merry Christmas” *uploaded april*
Kaden Blair

Kaden Blair . 2 months ago

Did anyone else see those 4 red sheep 10:20
Sepia Smith

Sepia Smith . 2 months ago

calling Phil their iron golem is so sweet aaaaahh 🥺 I don't think I've ever thought of doing a wither rose farm like that but it's fantastic HAHAHAHA the splash potion of poison was a great idea the only wither rose farm I think I've seen is from ImpulseSV using endermen and a trapped wither he uses specifically for it also using charged creepers for wither skeleton skulls is BIG BRAIN... imagine the farms in 1.17 with the lightning rod 25:27 it's still so heartwarming to hear him call himself our "dad" lol. I've never had a dad and didn't need one (gay moms ftw) but this trend still gives me warm fuzzies because it's like another level of connection to this really nice guy halfway across the world hhhhh I wish they'd added lava sponges god it's so weird to see him fish in a tiny hole underground because of the open water treasure loot change in 1.16

James . 2 months ago

He amount of times I’ve heard ahhh greedy greedy Phil is driving me to insanity

KingDomT . 2 months ago

21:59 flashback to the baby zombie incident

Rnk0r . 2 months ago

" I was about to kill the children" Tech-Ph1lza-noblade 2020
PB - 08GC 730752 Erin Mills MS

PB - 08GC 730752 Erin Mills MS . 2 months ago

sophia murphy

sophia murphy . 2 months ago

water smile was like a son to me

Avery . 2 months ago

I've seen dolphins and bees die I swear if I see a fox die next imma be pissed

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