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Top Rank Boxing

Published on 2 months ago

On this episode of #TopRankRealTime, #JoeSmithJr gets a call from Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury and then he finds out his world championship fight is postponed.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, Lightweight contenders Richard Commey and Jackson Marinez woke up Thursday morning ready to battle in a 10-round co-feature. After Maxim Vlasov tested positive for COVID-19, scrapping his light heavyweight title tilt against Joe Smith Jr., Commey and Marinez were elevated to main event status.

#CommeyMarinez will do battle Saturday evening (10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT) from the MGM Grand Las Vegas Bubble, a three-bout telecast also featuring Adam Lopez defending his NABF featherweight belt in a 10-rounder against Jason Sanchez, and heavyweight prospect Jared Anderson against Kingsley Ibeh in a six-rounder.

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Comments :

E Miller

E Miller . 3 weeks ago

Sorry for Joe. Hope he musters up the enthusiasm to carry on and proceed on from here...I can see its very tough. Stay active.
Ktt Th

Ktt Th . 1 month ago

They should have awarded him the vacant title and had him defend it against # 1 contender

THE RE-AL HAYMON . 2 months ago

this guy is the real Rocky
Sebastian Buentello

Sebastian Buentello . 2 months ago

How do you guys call this “the bubble” when you have people coming in and out and getting sick? What do words even mean anymore?
Andrew Dacunto

Andrew Dacunto . 2 months ago

He's from my neighborhood. We are all very proud of him. Best of luck Joe
Eric Grinnell Sr.

Eric Grinnell Sr. . 2 months ago

How does a person get infected in the bubble? Pretty sad day.
Ryan Allensworth

Ryan Allensworth . 2 months ago

To me it sounds like gids punishment , joe blows off his family , his little girl for a year and a half for what , for nothing , a fucking belt , a title , well joe you already had a title its called dad and i only feel sorry for your little girl not you
jeremy tapley

jeremy tapley . 2 months ago

Big when's the fight?
Real american Fan

Real american Fan . 2 months ago

Does he still get paid???
UK Boxing Blogger News

UK Boxing Blogger News . 2 months ago

That is poor a positive test on a pcr test they are the cheap pregnancy type tests that have so much more false results, cheap ass commission And top rank didn't even retest, Eddie bearn had proper tests done, no retest with a more accurate test either, that's terrible organisational structure by the commission and top rank, disgrace
Junior Garcia

Junior Garcia . 2 months ago

Keep at it Joe!!!!✊✊✊
Juan Vasquez

Juan Vasquez . 2 months ago

This is bs now I’m not watching any of the fights the only reason was for joe smith jr he should just be giving the tittle he deserves it!!!
Erwin Vasquez

Erwin Vasquez . 2 months ago

Call whoever is ready,let him get it out.
New York Rican Soul Podcast

New York Rican Soul Podcast . 2 months ago

Hang in there Champ. You will get your time to shine. God Bless your journey. .

RyanTheKiller254 . 2 months ago

Keep your head up champ.
Kinto Maximus

Kinto Maximus . 2 months ago

A virus that has a 99 percent survival.

ISMO . 2 months ago

damn, really wanted to watch this main event smh

Foo113 . 2 months ago

What kind of accent does he have? Is he from like boston?
KNSTV Boxing

KNSTV Boxing . 2 months ago

" To see a man beaten not by a better opponent but by himself is a strategy." CUS D" AMATO

J B . 2 months ago

3:50 where's your mask then scum bag
Shathu Sooriyakumar

Shathu Sooriyakumar . 2 months ago

I feel for the man after training that hard and not see his family finally can gets another title shot it sucks

mcalann . 2 months ago

Get him in there with a replacement opponent. Or some monetary compensation. Joe earned his shot.
Vic C

Vic C . 2 months ago

Damn bro

Jack . 2 months ago

Stop testing fraudulent covid hoax
Kelvin Torres

Kelvin Torres . 2 months ago

Joe Smith is a very good fighter and a dangerous one 💯💪

borndead4420 . 2 months ago

Sucks man....Was looking forward to this one.
Crazy Smiglo16

Crazy Smiglo16 . 2 months ago

Good Fight 🥊
Jimmy Dixon

Jimmy Dixon . 2 months ago

Feel really bad for Joe. I hope he still gets his shot at this title.

SKANDA MAN . 2 months ago

Nice video!
Nate Johnson

Nate Johnson . 2 months ago

Big fan of Joe, an hopefully he reads this an knows that we as fans will support him win lose or draw because he always comes to win an does his best against the best! Looking forward to the new date!
Ba 10

Ba 10 . 2 months ago

Commey vs Marinez was a better fight anyways its gonna be the main event
vlad mash TV

vlad mash TV . 2 months ago

Respect to Joe ! Very likable guy

A L . 2 months ago

Dorian Wright

Dorian Wright . 2 months ago

Gutted for the kid.

BoutDatStrenuousLife . 2 months ago

Fuckin wack! They cant do the next dude in line after vlasov? Vs Joe for the belt? Then Vlasov gets 1st shot at the winner when he comes back?
riddler riddler

riddler riddler . 2 months ago

Covid the biggest fraud out there 🥊🥊🥊
Eric Musashi

Eric Musashi . 2 months ago

They should really have back up opponents ready with the COVID going on.

Handfloboxingreview . 2 months ago

Damn that sucks Joe been thru a lot already and yet one more set back for his World Title aspirations.
El Rusito

El Rusito . 2 months ago

I feel bad for all the fighters. This is so bad, they are losing their best years due to some grimey sht, losing money, losing time...
David Houser

David Houser . 2 months ago

Total bs. All his hard work and 💩🤯
OG/PL//Boogieman Gonzo

OG/PL//Boogieman Gonzo . 2 months ago

Yo that's sucks for real .Wtf .Now he shelved until further notice .🤞
Manny Mota

Manny Mota . 2 months ago

COVID sucks!!!
Charles Lee Ray

Charles Lee Ray . 2 months ago

Keep ya head up Joe, you'll be champion soon 👍
Charles Lee Ray

Charles Lee Ray . 2 months ago

Does he at least gets some type of money??
Timmy Turner

Timmy Turner . 2 months ago

Well get him at least another opponent then you pricks! Man didn't see his family for weeks, missed Christmas and now you can't get him a last minute replacement!? All the hard work and he doesn't get to fight. Terrible!
Joey Tour

Joey Tour . 2 months ago

I honestly feel that sometimes COVID test results are false positive and I believe that this happened to Vlasov since he stated that he had followed COVID protocols and stayed safe from other people. SMH, please re-test Vlasov Top Rank. I was really hoping for Smith's fight this weekend. Commey vs. Marinez appears that it is not that good compared to the original main event.
Giuseppe larocca

Giuseppe larocca . 2 months ago

Just gonna make it a lot sweeter when you win Joe. Keep your head up. Absolutely heartbreaking
Jd Vlanka

Jd Vlanka . 2 months ago

So his opponent is not sick but has “covid” what a joke.
easy life

easy life . 2 months ago

I'm a fan of this guy..very humble dude
Emilio X

Emilio X . 2 months ago

So sad for Joe! He’ll get the title next time!!

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