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Daft Punk - Epilogue
Daft Punk

Daft Punk

Published on 2 weeks ago

#DaftPunk #Epilogue

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GOGO_17tryo . 7 minutes ago

we will miss you
Ak Ab

Ak Ab . 10 minutes ago

Why punks why ?? 😭😭😭😭😭

Lindsay . 11 minutes ago

im not crying

MrAntopologio . 13 minutes ago

merci tout simplement

larsgamesnl . 14 minutes ago

my childhood has literally just blown up
Jarda Štencl

Jarda Štencl . 23 minutes ago

Thank you 👋😢
Alexandre CALVET

Alexandre CALVET . 30 minutes ago

Guys, I am really sad to see, read and hear that (like millions of people around the world). Beyond the songs and proudness, I am French. And I wanted to tell you a story. During my years at universities I had the chance to spend a semester in the US, I animated French classes for American people who wanted to learn French. The FIRST guy I met, THE FIRST !, hugged me a thanked me for the « Daft Punk » juste because I was French :) In any case, I would like tu bound these guys to thank you for EVERYTHING you made even I am really sad you want do anything else in the future. I love you guys I will miss you
Mirian Dg

Mirian Dg . 30 minutes ago

rose k

rose k . 31 minutes ago

your songs were so good. have a good rest of your journey
Faygo Redpop

Faygo Redpop . 42 minutes ago

It’s been an honor. There’s no other way to accurately explain how fortunate I — and every other person in this comment section — have been to be able to experience the art of these two groovy machines. Thank you, Thomas. Thank you, Guy. And to everyone else here, every beautiful human I’m fortunate enough to share this feeling with, thank you. We’ve shared a ride like no other. And now we share our grief and love for these robots. My heart breaks for the loss of this beautiful musical union, but here, with all of you? I feel at home. Surrounded by family. Dance on. ♥️
Катерина Манцурова

Катерина Манцурова . 44 minutes ago

Вы навсегда останетесь в моём сердце, спасибо за всё..
Ben Ibarra

Ben Ibarra . 48 minutes ago

Just why? 🥺

S. ROSSI . 57 minutes ago

Fuck...the time is over...by my Friends....
Sr. Juanjo

Sr. Juanjo . 1 hour ago

I’m gonna be a musician
omer demir

omer demir . 1 hour ago

I want to die in peace listening to this go slowly away
Brian Gillings

Brian Gillings . 1 hour ago

I was introduced to Daft Punk through Interstella 5555 on Toonami's Midnight Run and I never looked back. They have influenced the way I listen to music and I appreciate it more because of them. You guys are true legends. Thank you for being apart of my life...One More Time.

Moodle . 1 hour ago

of course daft punk would retire, they've conserved their privacy enough that they're one of the few artists that can live in peace
Mr man man duck duck duck

Mr man man duck duck duck . 1 hour ago

Is the other one dead. Is my question.

Fabrice98 . 1 hour ago

Love is the answer, we just don't seem able to understand it yet.

Axiel . 1 hour ago


penenadpi . 1 hour ago

They shouldn't leave us without making collaboration with Gnarls Barkley first - I don't know why, sounds random, but this was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this video.

ismgmz . 2 hours ago

Thanks for everything Daft Punk. <3

Fabrice98 . 2 hours ago

Merci d'avoir rendu nos vies plus belles pendant toutes ces années.

Den79ARHangeL . 2 hours ago

Что за бред.
Torren Ptz

Torren Ptz . 2 hours ago

I wonder what the symbolism is of one of them blowing up and the other walking off into the sunset. Why not both go out the same way? Or maybe they both did?
Anna Chiara Pignaffo

Anna Chiara Pignaffo . 2 hours ago

Tamara Maschan

Tamara Maschan . 2 hours ago

Well I was expecting some Chopin, still not dissapointed. Amazing career, total legends, wish you both the very best.
mano azideia

mano azideia . 2 hours ago


WalDark . 2 hours ago

Vous serez tjr la et pour tjr dans nos coeurs et dans nos oreilles
Pizzamax g

Pizzamax g . 2 hours ago

Les français on est la
Aymen Deda bongaga

Aymen Deda bongaga . 2 hours ago

Whyyy 😭💔💔
Nate Dawg

Nate Dawg . 2 hours ago

Régis Gaidot

Régis Gaidot . 2 hours ago

I'll miss you legends, all my youth and more. thank you for everything. I'll always love you, All the best !
Gelap Jinkuro

Gelap Jinkuro . 2 hours ago

Daft Punk Lives legends never die they are immortals their artistry sounds echoes eternally in the hall of The Magnum Opus
ken kent

ken kent . 2 hours ago

I think the video symbolizes that one of them is done yet the other will continue on with music
One Sensitive Artist

One Sensitive Artist . 2 hours ago


zLion-x . 2 hours ago

This duo will never be forgotten... Thanks, Thomas and Manuel... Goobye, Daft Punk 1993-2021

SAucy__ . 2 hours ago

I'm gonna miss them, they were my favourite
Melancholy Shade

Melancholy Shade . 2 hours ago

When the world needed them most, they failed us all.
Liam McWilliams

Liam McWilliams . 2 hours ago

I miss them already

Kyzrobyte . 3 hours ago

Great while it lasted

TheWaffleState . 3 hours ago

Dedas Almeida

Dedas Almeida . 3 hours ago

I'm here cuz in every damn Daft Punk's videos , there's some dude in the comment section saying "who's here after the epilogue?" My curiosity is a bitch, watched this video and I almost cried and I'm not even a big fan of their music, but damn ... they've been invading my radio since early 2000s and I can't forget them. But this is kinda sad ngl
Asilwanga Ligege

Asilwanga Ligege . 3 hours ago

Feels Like I lost a childhood friend, God Bless you guys in your journey forward.,

RED X . 3 hours ago

D.A gusti

D.A gusti . 3 hours ago

Daft punk forever. :(
Axel Neil

Axel Neil . 3 hours ago

Thanks you for all those memories, I'll keep them in my head forever. You gave hopes when I was in darkness. Me pregunto... si... ese robot encontró su humanidad al final del camino... I need something more, I need something more...

HESSEL538 . 3 hours ago

i never really knew how much i loved Daft Punk but now with tears coming down my eyes feeling emotions i havent felt since the passing of my grand mother. i realize that i loved them more then i thought and any other band or musician i have ever listened to. although their legacy ends i'll always remember how much they shaped mine and other lives with their music. Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3
tanirkhan bekkoza

tanirkhan bekkoza . 3 hours ago

I hate 2021 я ненавижу 2021
tanirkhan bekkoza

tanirkhan bekkoza . 3 hours ago


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