Watch #highlights from the Heavyweight fight between #JaredAnderson and Kingsley Ibeh on the undercard of #CommeyMarinez. In the fight, Jared Anderson had a early Knockout of the Year KO over Kingsley Ibeh in the 6th round.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, Mexican Warriors Collide: #MiguelBerchelt​ to Defend Super Featherweight World Title Against #OscarValdez​ February 20 LIVE on ESPN beginning at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

Berchelt and Valdez will face off in one of the most anticipated all-Mexican fistic showdowns in years.

Cancun’s Berchelt will defend his WBC super featherweight world title against Nogales native Valdez in a special Top Rank on ESPN telecast Saturday, Feb. 20.

Promoted by Top Rank, in association with Zanfer Promotions, #BercheltValdez​ and Flores-Cancio will be televised live on ESPN and ESPN Deportes at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

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Comments :

Fulvio alan Tonin

Fulvio alan Tonin . 17 hours ago


VB VB87 . 5 days ago

Looks promising, but he has to step it up. America doesnt need another Wilder. At least this guy knows how to box. He has to leave Top rank if he wants to get the big fights.
Marcus Herbold

Marcus Herbold . 6 days ago

Trunks make him look like a Heavyweight Adrien Broner.
Iron Cote

Iron Cote . 1 month ago

Would like to see him fight Daniel Dubois in the future.
Baffs Boxingtv

Baffs Boxingtv . 1 month ago

Looks like a threat

QUEENB82 . 2 months ago

Kingsley was SLAIN!!!! Check out how he laid out in a cross position. Hung him high, stretched him wide...LOL

TheTARANISh . 2 months ago

Damn, knocked him out with his palm, but good action beforehand.
Unofficial Official

Unofficial Official . 2 months ago

Kid has a very good jab. Educated jab. I saw him jab Ibeh in the arms purposely and Ibeh switched stances. The jab is fast strong and accurate. Maybe ....maybe the best jab on a USA heavyweight since Riddick Bowe!
Antwuan LaMont

Antwuan LaMont . 2 months ago

I was a knockout..... but Knockout of the Year?........Stop it.....If this is even considered for Knockout of the Year, then this year in boxing was extremely boring.
Dos & Kutta By The CO-VID Bar

Dos & Kutta By The CO-VID Bar . 2 months ago

He’s need a LOT of work , but he’s solid , doesn’t need to see a title for 2 years maybe a year
matthew Roberts

matthew Roberts . 2 months ago

Damn son all that catching and shooting and straight up skill dude gonna be a problem lol. He is throwback heavyweight
Full Auto

Full Auto . 2 months ago

Ajagba vs Anderson.
Jay Lew

Jay Lew . 2 months ago

Love the defense smooth block game 4 a big fella.
Adam Zitsch

Adam Zitsch . 2 months ago

Dam the pull back 1 2 was crispy
King Kong

King Kong . 2 months ago

Jared Anderson was Tyson Fury's Sparring partner for both of the Wilder fights!! That was good education for the next big US heavyweight

Skitzotopia . 2 months ago

*left hook thrown by Anderson lands* Ibeh: *Windows XP shut down sound plays*

BLACK LIFE STOP 6 . 2 months ago

That boy kept those hands up.
Tha Truth

Tha Truth . 2 months ago

At this point we’ve seen so many knockout of the year contenders an it’s February 🤣
king shark

king shark . 2 months ago

😐 in 2yrs, he's going to be a serious problem... wow just caught up on this guy. Wow
BAW Black American Warrior

BAW Black American Warrior . 2 months ago

Finally America has a real heavyweight 🇺🇸 I never thought Wilder was a real deal heavyweight . Anderson is a future champion. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
Jorge Rojas

Jorge Rojas . 2 months ago

Who the hell taught that idiot to fight?? Stands directly infront with his hands down.
Nik B

Nik B . 2 months ago

What's the R on his trunks? Is he sponsored by Radio Shack?

Don . 2 months ago

Oh noooo I heard who his coach is and where he's from, he ain't gonna be that good I'm sorry. The same dudes coaching Broner and Easter Jr and Devon Alexander, hell naw this kid's technique ain't gonna improve.
Justin Humphrey

Justin Humphrey . 2 months ago

Greg Mega

Greg Mega . 2 months ago

That was good boxing. Nice dip, left hand up right hand up boop bap. Sweet dreams 👌
E.N.D Network

E.N.D Network . 2 months ago

Did he really ask the man a question without letting him use the mic? Lol.
Smooth Criminal

Smooth Criminal . 2 months ago

What’s with the skirt dude
EastNewYork Ty

EastNewYork Ty . 2 months ago

What weight-class is this
Biff Lee

Biff Lee . 2 months ago

Needs to take his time and not rush ahead - he has plenty of time to develop
Fredo Gee

Fredo Gee . 2 months ago

desmond Samuel

desmond Samuel . 2 months ago

American boxers are nothing to write home about particularly in the heavyweight class this young kid fight like an amateur.
Regardepas Çanete

Regardepas Çanete . 2 months ago

always fun and games till Joyce jab do the job

DJ Joe DC . 2 months ago

Get in there.....the “real big baby”!!!
Billy Cain

Billy Cain . 2 months ago

Huni and Anderson are the two best young heavyweight prospects.
Mr T.

Mr T. . 2 months ago

This social distance rule is so silly. Especialy during interview.

Blackmantravel . 2 months ago

This is why former football players should never box. All that weight lifting distroys your ability to hold your hands up in the later rounds. Ibeh was gassed by the 5 round. Then again he came into this fight at 272. he should have been around 240.

gibememoni . 2 months ago

That african nigga woke up speakin swahili
bill newman

bill newman . 2 months ago

Somebody should tell Anderson NOT to showboat. It is degrading to his opponent, and will lose him fans. People do not like this kind of behavior. It is immature and classless. If you're getting paid, act like a professional.

EqualFoundation . 2 months ago

Haven’t seen a big cat move like this
Purple Hayes

Purple Hayes . 2 months ago

Anderson fights like a heavyweight broner
Dark Inferno

Dark Inferno . 2 months ago

I think the ref got him KO'd by stopping the round to tell him to throw tbh.
The Amazing CJ

The Amazing CJ . 2 months ago

Jared is probably the next big US heavyweight but he’s still got a lot to work on. Right now he’d get eaten up by Andy Ruiz. Ngl I’d like to see that fight.
El Debtor

El Debtor . 2 months ago

Early KO? It came in the last round. Quit with the diversity hires and hire people who know what they are doing.
The Kid Fame

The Kid Fame . 2 months ago

Came from tik tok smh lol
Brandon Maurice

Brandon Maurice . 2 months ago

Yall think he ready for a Christian Hammer level opponent??? I do
Erk Gotti

Erk Gotti . 2 months ago

Top Rank is a joke. Bob Arum’s a joke. These fights are jokes. All your boys fights tomato cans and cab drivers


Yes sir!!!!
Wak3Up_MrFresh Goggles

Wak3Up_MrFresh Goggles . 2 months ago

Good to see him get some rounds in & still get a clean ko behind some combos
JJ Martin

JJ Martin . 2 months ago

lights out
Ancestral Rage

Ancestral Rage . 2 months ago

Defense on point

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