Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz - Full Game Highlights | February 24, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season

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Comments :

Curtis Sims

Curtis Sims . 1 month ago

Jazz looking scary

jdlock00 . 1 month ago

Maybe Utah will finally get a ring
God's _ Cocaine

God's _ Cocaine . 1 month ago

Jazz in 4
Kevin 00

Kevin 00 . 1 month ago

Seems like AD is more of the contributing factor to the Lakers than Lebron...
Nae Nae

Nae Nae . 1 month ago

retire lebron ur getting to old and not as good as before
#Ballislife #thegrindneverstops

#Ballislife #thegrindneverstops . 1 month ago

1:42 THE TRAVEL 💀💀💀
Nick Zander

Nick Zander . 1 month ago

The reason I don't like LeFlop is games such as this and also why I don't think he's the GOAT... he simply bowed out of this game and gave up and allowed his team not only get beat but get blown tf out and embarrassed. MJ would never just bow out.. everyone says this game doesn't matter but it does show LeFlop's character and lack of dignity for his team. "We're losing big so I'm just gonna quit." Why not step tf up and drop 40 on them and show people you're the "goat" noooooooope
Jeff Tipper

Jeff Tipper . 1 month ago

2:21 Rudy said no thank you on the poster
kendell griffith

kendell griffith . 1 month ago

Like i said no Ad no lakers
Curtis Baker

Curtis Baker . 1 month ago

is this your king? absent in battle? XD

KingBaller . 1 month ago

They Miss AD :22.5 PTS, 8.4 REBS, 3.0 ASTS.
Maximo Diazdelvalle

Maximo Diazdelvalle . 1 month ago

wow this jazz team could be a serious problem Lakers in 5
Digital Prod

Digital Prod . 1 month ago

You seen 2018 he couldnt carry lakers to the playoff. Then 2019 Ad come then get 1st seed and they 4-1 every team. If AD Stay Injuried Lakers Not Making the Playoffs.
Matt Stringham

Matt Stringham . 1 month ago

Lebron didn’t look invested in this game.
Angel Martinez

Angel Martinez . 1 month ago

Whoever traded McGee and Howard needs to be fired rn. Smh

Omen . 1 month ago

This y’all 2020 finals mvp?

vrrs . 1 month ago

I love how all y’all haters are gonna pretend like AD was just having a great year. Besides a few games, he’s been subpar but ok. And name me another team that’ll succeed with two of their top 3 scorers missing.
New Adventures

New Adventures . 1 month ago

Everyone hating on lebron stupid enough to think that a casual game really means something to the lakers
New Adventures

New Adventures . 1 month ago

Lebron making constant monster dunks at his age is so underrated
Jabaar Dugan

Jabaar Dugan . 1 month ago

Not sure why we're keeping Dudley. Maybe he's a great locker room guy, good for the culture or something. That guy should average 5 threes per game.

Don . 1 month ago

I think the Jazz and the Nuggets might end up in the Western Finals unless they match up in the semis. It's time to see an NBA champion that wasn't created with superstars joining forces.
Naeir B

Naeir B . 1 month ago

just wait till flight reacts to this game 🤣🤣

vGotSxld . 1 month ago

Good game to both teams
Jackson Bai

Jackson Bai . 1 month ago

Utah jazz basketball is kinda boring, works tho
john doe

john doe . 1 month ago

Lebron is 36, do you really expect him to play at a high level 40 plus minutes for 5 consecutive games, of course he need AD and Schroder, I mean duhhhh😂
Tunechi Da GOAT

Tunechi Da GOAT . 1 month ago

Do any of you all really watch basketball? If you do then you would know that the absence of Schroeder is playing a big part in this losing streak way more than AD....before this 4 game losing streak the Lakers were 5-1 without AD! Let’s be honest Lebron was carrying this team even with AD because AD has really played slaw so far before a few 30 point performances he was averaging 19 ppg which is his lowest since his rookie season! So please don’t talk about this Lakers team if you only watch them when they are losing or under maned cause clearly you all know nothing lol....By the way u can look up everything I just said and it’s all facts !!

Crave . 1 month ago

Without AD, why can't LeBron just go for 40 or 50? I thought he was the mvp and best player in the world? 🤔
Joshua Librun

Joshua Librun . 1 month ago

What team is beating the best team in the NBA record wise(fully healthy) missing 2 of their starters? Why are yall hype? These games don't matter that much
Brett Thomas

Brett Thomas . 1 month ago

Beto Luna

Beto Luna . 1 month ago

James Tyson

James Tyson . 2 months ago

As a lebron fan ima go ahead and say it . The lebron system just don’t work , as least not for the regular season it’s more playoff oriented . We need to make offense changes ,I feel like when the team gets healthy a new offense should be installed with ball movement and not ball watching
James Luke

James Luke . 2 months ago

LeBum is in Panic Mode right now ... MVP how ??

MIKE JONES . 2 months ago

This would have been the same outcome even if ad was playing🤷
J. Smith

J. Smith . 2 months ago

Lets get the "LeBron needs more help" campaign started!
Javi SexyEyebrows

Javi SexyEyebrows . 2 months ago

Lebrick is sweating rn cuz his MVP is on the line!
The Unapologetic

The Unapologetic . 2 months ago

Get Marc Gasol tf outta there!!!!!!

PlayoffL36ron . 2 months ago

stop giving this man all the credit for what his co-stars and supporting cast does for him
King Kev

King Kev . 2 months ago

Damn the Lebron hate is real Lmaoooo. Just remember Lakers was 5-1 without AD. And now they are 5-5 without AD because Dennis is out. Calm down or keep that same energy in the playoffs
Tj Rock

Tj Rock . 2 months ago

Utah gotta chip on they shoulder 🥶
Ty Hurndon

Ty Hurndon . 2 months ago

Lebron 36
Nono brobro

Nono brobro . 2 months ago

As a laker fan, well the celtics aren’t exactly looking good either so I’m cool 😎

ReallyNotMateo . 2 months ago

Lakers finally playing Jared Dudley 👏
Wooley Wan

Wooley Wan . 2 months ago

Lebron still the best player in the nba right now but we coming back watch

Dav . 2 months ago

Too many Lebron haters as usual. Mostly all the young heads who don't know much about basketball running their mouths. How hard is it to just enjoy some basketball without hating? lol

americanfresh17 . 2 months ago

AD = Jordan Lebron = Bill Wennington 🤦🏽‍♂️👎🏽
Lando D

Lando D . 2 months ago

Looks like Lemickey mouse clubhouse is falling apart without AD
Shauntay B

Shauntay B . 2 months ago

Remember it’s only the regular season, and last year the bucks didn’t make it passed the 2nd round 😂 Mj was ass without Scottie, and MJ retired at 37. Lebron is 36 😬
Freed by Yeshua

Freed by Yeshua . 2 months ago

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Paul Julian

Paul Julian . 2 months ago

The g league team of the nba 😅😂🤣

Prometheus . 2 months ago

If AD didn’t play a single game this season they would be the 14th seed in the West cuz they were 17-6 with AD 😂😂😂 LeMickey

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