Zion Williamson 34 Pts 6 Ast 8 Reb | New Orleans Pelicans vs Milwaukee Bucks Full Game Highlights | February 25, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season

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Comments :

ADRIAN Soto-Perez

ADRIAN Soto-Perez . 6 days ago

Zion should request to play with Lonzo his whole career. Natural chemistry

OTR Sha . 2 weeks ago

3:21 πŸ’€

OTR Sha . 2 weeks ago


T H . 3 weeks ago

Did anybody see the ref start to call a foul then quickly put his arm down?? 😯😯 Refs really out here fixing the games... pay attention to the ref starting at 1:35
Hunter Smith

Hunter Smith . 4 weeks ago

If he can stay healthy he’s gonna be a dominant force in the league for a long time
Mansa Musa

Mansa Musa . 1 month ago


MrFuchew . 1 month ago

I swear he has lost %30 of his athleticism and still killin everyone. He needs to get down to the %15 body fat range
SlaM Γ™

SlaM Γ™ . 1 month ago

He will be great future HOFer here
Greg Watters

Greg Watters . 1 month ago

can't play defense
nate nelson

nate nelson . 1 month ago

I wanna be back in the stands watching these games. Tired of being at home watching and missing players play up front.

144 . 1 month ago

Zion a beast. He ain't no Barkley or anybody else. He is zion. Folks got to stop comparing the old to the new. The game evolved like every other sport. These young players are way more skilled than the older players. Not taking anything away from the greats. But these guys are different.
Danny Eledge

Danny Eledge . 1 month ago

Bro I’m so tired of Chris WebberπŸ˜‚ his little chuckles piss me off
r schwarz

r schwarz . 1 month ago

this commentator is sounding worse and worse every year. he might need to hang it up soon. could've sworn i heard him panting a bit
Luis Miguel Romo

Luis Miguel Romo . 1 month ago

Lets face it zion could easily average 40-43 or more points a game if he was given the ball alot more like todays allstars
Bob’s Mustache

Bob’s Mustache . 1 month ago

I like that lil laugh after zion scores
French Fry in your McDonalds Bag

French Fry in your McDonalds Bag . 1 month ago

zion makes a layup: chris webber: *grunt laugh
d. Bo

d. Bo . 1 month ago

Wait til this nigga get cocky
dwayne jackson

dwayne jackson . 1 month ago

"05:06" πŸ˜‚ I actually have been using 【𝗖𝗔π—₯π——π——π†πˆπ…π—§.πŽππ‹πˆππ„γ€‘ πŸ“Œ no issue with it all
ATT Djifa

ATT Djifa . 1 month ago

"05:06" πŸ˜‚ I actually have been using 【𝗖𝗔π—₯π——π——π†πˆπ…π—§.πŽππ‹πˆππ„γ€‘ πŸ“Œ no issue with it all
dwayne jackson

dwayne jackson . 1 month ago

"05:06" πŸ˜‚ I actually have been using 【𝗖𝗔π—₯π——π——π†πˆπ…π—§.πŽππ‹πˆππ„γ€‘ πŸ“Œ no issue with it all
Benjamin Bromley

Benjamin Bromley . 1 month ago

whats the record for most dunks in a game

SHTF Van . 1 month ago

At a loss for words
papasnyder2 snyder

papasnyder2 snyder . 1 month ago

the iq on homie is crazyπŸ€•
Devon Whittle

Devon Whittle . 1 month ago

He is so good at contact finishes. Amazing at offensive rebounding too
Karon Johnson

Karon Johnson . 1 month ago

Everybody just move out the way every timeπŸ˜‚

Leedle . 1 month ago

Zion Williamson might just be the best finisher in the league
Brett Thomas

Brett Thomas . 1 month ago

Pelican have a great core but just too young, Zion needs a Dame or Westbrook to bring the fire and experience πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Player 1

Player 1 . 1 month ago

C Webb’s laughs each time Zion Deebos someone .......are perfectly understood by me...... πŸ‡
Player 1

Player 1 . 1 month ago

I also like C Webb’s sound effects when Zion does special thingsπŸ˜…πŸ‘
Player 1

Player 1 . 1 month ago

Dudes smart.....πŸ‡ He playin chest to chest...... He’s driving three ppl......
Zao Jin

Zao Jin . 1 month ago

not only does he score like crazy but he stays cleaning up ugly plays and mistakes, and he's too fast AND big to just put one person on him so he gets double/triple teams that he exploits for ez dump-offs to an open look, this team's got a pretty good set up going on rn

Piece . 1 month ago

It's great to see Marv Albert is still commentating after all these years and he is still the most entertaining commentator!

SYD SYD . 1 month ago

Brook Lopez should be ashamed

Salingstuff80 . 1 month ago

34 with jumpsuits that's the difference

3uillermo . 1 month ago

Why does the rim sound so horrible.
Miguel Rios

Miguel Rios . 1 month ago

why is Giannis always guarding the worse guy on the floor, he never guards the best player on the other team. Even though they call him "DpoTy"
Beasley's Fun House Adventures

Beasley's Fun House Adventures . 1 month ago

it's time for a new era of commentary, kevin harlen, c webb, reggie miller all suck!!
Derek Buchanan

Derek Buchanan . 1 month ago

The beast Zion! He is good, that’s why players have a hard time stopping him. It’s crazy with how many times he goes to the rim, only 5 FT attempts vs the Bucks.
Light Iverson

Light Iverson . 1 month ago

Imagine if Zion was trying 🀭.

Krish13 . 1 month ago

If he gets a consistent mid range, league fucked
Antonio Bruce

Antonio Bruce . 1 month ago

He was supposed to have 40, refs gotta call those fouls
Shaundra Alaelua

Shaundra Alaelua . 1 month ago

Coach SVG has truly studied Zion to a T. He knows where to get him the ball and how to do it. He knows how to get the switches for him. Its truly amazing to watch as a basketball fan.
Darian Chatman

Darian Chatman . 1 month ago

Pelicans 777
Darian Chatman

Darian Chatman . 1 month ago

Zion 777
Denis Jerkovic

Denis Jerkovic . 1 month ago

Dude jogs like a mack truck, 6'7" Shaq
Westside Gunn

Westside Gunn . 1 month ago

Bro had like 10 dunks lol. Crazy.

ThreeCreators . 1 month ago

Zion on his way to legendary status like so many goats before him. Got the wilt field goal efficiency potential!

Hassan82 . 1 month ago

Is it just me or is Zion game highlights more entertaining than full nba games?
Jake Yu

Jake Yu . 1 month ago

Lol β€œZion goes 1 on 3 and scores”
Bozu’s Art

Bozu’s Art . 1 month ago

The announcers were β€œbreathy”

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