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Oscar Valdez with the Knockout of the Year Over Miguel Berchelt, Wins Belt
Top Rank Boxing

Top Rank Boxing

Published on 2 weeks ago

Watch highlights from todays fight between #OscarValdez and Miguel Berchelt on the main event of #BercheltValdez. In the fight, Valdez knocked Berchelt down 3 times finishing him in grand fashion in the 10th.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, Unified Light Heavyweight World Champion Artur Beterbiev is set for ring return March 20 Against Adam Deines.

WBC/IBF light heavyweight world champion Artur Beterbiev (15-0, 15 KOs) will fight top contender Adam Deines in a special Russian homecoming Saturday, March 20 at Megasport Arena in Moscow.

Beterbiev-Deines to headline card that will air LIVE on an ESPN platform from Megasport Arena in Moscow

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Comments :

El Dragon

El Dragon . 6 hours ago

"...this isn't a one-man sport" Wow, this kid is respectful and humble. He will be a great champion! Oscar Valdez.
Daddy Goose

Daddy Goose . 1 day ago

Everyone is ignoring the fact that canelo Alvarez taught him how to evade those shots going backwards
Baldo Ramirez

Baldo Ramirez . 2 days ago

Say what u want this was a good competitive and respectful fight great finish by valdez
Gabriela Galdino

Gabriela Galdino . 2 days ago

Very Good!
Jose Quinteros

Jose Quinteros . 2 days ago

A very humble champ
Mormon Suicide

Mormon Suicide . 3 days ago

You play basketball. You play football. You do NOT play boxing!

Danny . 3 days ago

Those two slips followed by the left hook in slow mo made me tear up. Absolutely beautiful ko.
Bcash Music

Bcash Music . 4 days ago

Rap song for OSCAR VALDEZ 🥊🇲🇽 https://youtu.be/kjYDYLQq6Q0 🤫
dan pyro can

dan pyro can . 4 days ago

doesnt get better than this
Jeremy Salazar

Jeremy Salazar . 5 days ago

I remember watching Valdez fight live way back in 2013 when he was still a prospect. Im happy to see him at the pinnacle of the sport right now all these years later 🙏🥊
Draxir Reséndiz

Draxir Reséndiz . 5 days ago

Este boxeador Oscar valdez , pelea chingon!!!

Terrydon . 5 days ago

Can't stop watching this knockout 🔥

NBK HaZe . 5 days ago

This foo would fuck up canelo

ERIC M . 5 days ago

He wanted to go out on his shield. You gotta respect that.
Schäfer G.

Schäfer G. . 5 days ago

This guy looks explosive, this guy looks hungry, this guy looks dangerous.
Oscar Gonzalez

Oscar Gonzalez . 5 days ago

They have created a monster 👹
Rock girl

Rock girl . 5 days ago

the corona virus...

Daniel . 5 days ago

Teofimo punch more powerfull over commey
rusdayati idrus

rusdayati idrus . 5 days ago

This kind of tragic demise n the number of solid shots he received in the head will psychologically n physically impact his confidence n physical condition. Berchelt won't be t same fighter he used to be.
Beeble Brox

Beeble Brox . 5 days ago

Congrats to him and his trainer for a terrific plan! And his humble message at the end is WOW! 😭 What a treat from a champ. :) 🥊💥👋👋👋

M1CHA3L ANG3LO . 6 days ago

This guy's heart and soul is awesome! Stay grounded and hungry! Keep proving haters wrong and winning people's hearts Brotha!!!
Anthony Mendoza

Anthony Mendoza . 6 days ago

His post words are even more impressive than his ko!
Johnny McLaughlin

Johnny McLaughlin . 7 days ago

Definitely one of the 🐐’s !! Definitely. Ain’t no game in boxing!
Javier Hernandez

Javier Hernandez . 7 days ago

Been in camp with Canelo dude has a lot of future... stay focused Champ!

M B . 1 week ago

Best knockout ever 👌🏻
asioe kiou

asioe kiou . 1 week ago

“Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t and can’t do.” 🐐
Vic Chavez

Vic Chavez . 1 week ago

Always thank God for the win, I want to see somebody blame him for losing.
soniyu ziuy

soniyu ziuy . 1 week ago

Candidate for Fight of the Year. Great Mexican war🇲🇽 Love from Philippines ❤️
Rts Cmarri

Rts Cmarri . 1 week ago

Yo soy a cerimonias!!! Bienvenido!! She aiy toy yuuu!!!!
Leon Maliniak

Leon Maliniak . 1 week ago

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Flavio Moreno

Flavio Moreno . 1 week ago

Amos priba no aflojes
Flavio Moreno

Flavio Moreno . 1 week ago

Eso chingon
Bolia Fops

Bolia Fops . 1 week ago

Dude is as Mexican as they come.. your boy is a fan God bless...much love from NYC 🇵🇷
Ana Acosta

Ana Acosta . 1 week ago

Is it me ? Or it looks like Marquez vs paquiao 5 fight or whatever fight it was .
Andy Gunn

Andy Gunn . 1 week ago

Valdez is so talented he is going to be a world superstar he took so many ko shots and they just bounced right off him total respect from Scotland he's the definition of a true warrior who wants to fight the best opponents. First time I have seen him fight and omg now I will never miss one so skilled in every department big love from Scotland CHAMP💪💯🥊🥊🇬🇧
dueeh nyyu

dueeh nyyu . 1 week ago

“Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t and can’t do.” 🐐
Ivan l

Ivan l . 1 week ago

Now we know why he won, well executed son.👌
seeriu ciihy

seeriu ciihy . 1 week ago

I dont watch boxing and never even heard of Valdez. After this interview he has a fan.

Mex1canPapi1 . 1 week ago

Mexican style 💪🇲🇽💣
Texan Football Houston

Texan Football Houston . 1 week ago

Exactly what I told my kid I said you use your goddamn right all the time you don't even use your left you need to learn how to shoot somebody with your goddamn left hand
Jerry Acosta

Jerry Acosta . 1 week ago

Eddy n them got him right haven't seen Valdez slip punches like that before
Cali Swine

Cali Swine . 1 week ago

Shakur Stevenson next boi💪🏽🙌🏽
gtoss chddy

gtoss chddy . 1 week ago

I dont watch boxing and never even heard of Valdez. After this interview he has a fan.
Prim Crema

Prim Crema . 1 week ago

I never doubted valdez beast
Robin Westermann

Robin Westermann . 1 week ago

It was a good KO, but let's be honest. What facilitated it was also the sloppy way Berchelt came forward, exposing his chin.

JFresh214YT . 1 week ago

Tank got ko of the year last year oscar has this year!
sotuur aeei

sotuur aeei . 1 week ago

the corona virus...

L . 1 week ago

Daniel Hernandez

Daniel Hernandez . 1 week ago

Mexico produces good boxers
Flashboxingtv #MPDKSAB

Flashboxingtv #MPDKSAB . 1 week ago

Valdez vs Stevenson make it happen

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