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Published on 2 months ago

Look back at this black history month #freefight between #MarvinHagler vs Vito Antuofermo . This is the rematch from their controversial first fight.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, Unified Light Heavyweight World Champion Artur Beterbiev is set for ring return March 20 Against Adam Deines.

WBC/IBF light heavyweight world champion Artur Beterbiev (15-0, 15 KOs) will fight top contender Adam Deines in a special Russian homecoming Saturday, March 20 at Megasport Arena in Moscow.

Beterbiev-Deines to headline card that will air LIVE on an ESPN platform from Megasport Arena in Moscow

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Comments :

andrea careri

andrea careri . 2 hours ago

I think it was bad luck for Antuofermo he was hit by the had of Hagler.. if it wasn't for that reason probably this match could have been ended in a different way or even being more interesting...

funkdoubt1 . 4 days ago

Moves even smoother than any AI computer simulator game versions ever made(of course) and moves around like an agile, rhythmic real-lifeaction hero! RIP the Marvellous . The realest ✨
Ronaldo Villarreal

Ronaldo Villarreal . 6 days ago

Para guapo subimos a cualquiera..este vito no era rival para hagler!!
branded beast

branded beast . 7 days ago

He's a bleeeeder!!

Southpaw . 1 week ago

Marvelous Marvin Hagler, One of the best middleweights of all time, R.I.P. Champ....
Tom Peters

Tom Peters . 2 weeks ago

Hagler was good but he used his head a lot. Vito was a known bleeder
Tim Thompson

Tim Thompson . 2 weeks ago

Vito looks like a caveman.
smart moves

smart moves . 2 weeks ago

All the ring..true champion..

indigoblue555 . 2 weeks ago

Not being a true boxing enthusiast,since those days I kept wondering how could Antuofermo make it to the title and then,moreover stand until the finish in his first match with Hagler, yet being rated as a poorly skilled fighter (as in this video). Why couldn't Hagler knock him down ? Is a great will sufficient to stand 15 rounds against the Marvelous ? Was the gap between those two fighters so wide ?
John Smith

John Smith . 2 weeks ago

WTF is this black history month? Hagler wasn't a black fighter, he was the BEST fighter. Period. How dare you demean his memory like this with this racist nonsense. CHANGE THE TITLE OUT OF RESPECT FOR MARVIN

EJF SFC . 2 weeks ago

Vito looks like Teen Wolf
Aldo Bertoli

Aldo Bertoli . 2 weeks ago

"I just wanna squat that mosquito"
jay dubya

jay dubya . 2 weeks ago

Scientists say that nearly all European people carry about 3% of their DNA can be traced to Neanderthal man. I'd guess that Antufermo's Neanderthal DNA was somewhere around 20%. LOL
Kevin Carmell

Kevin Carmell . 2 weeks ago

Vito the... MOSQUITOE !
Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor . 3 weeks ago

1.09 antofermo clearly runs into Hagler and cuts his brow
Harry O #82

Harry O #82 . 3 weeks ago

The most under celebrated underappreciated versatile and complete champion in boxing history in my opinion MARVELOUS MARVIN HAGLER was a well spoken honest MAN of integrity and grit who always gave it his ALL...R.I.P. CHAMP 🥊
russell alesi

russell alesi . 3 weeks ago

Panama Lewis...should have served 30 years.
russell alesi

russell alesi . 3 weeks ago

Vito reminds me of Paz both somehow won titles but actually had club fighter skills.
Brian Charles

Brian Charles . 3 weeks ago

Along side Sugar Ray Robinson Marvin Hagler was greatest middle weight of all time. Tough as a coffin nail, a chin of granite, superb conditioning, amazing boxing IQ, switch hitter, and when he got an opponent in trouble he was a human threshing machine - utterly relentless. Hit Marvin with your best shot and he'd just smile as you and make you pay.
Charles Marshall

Charles Marshall . 3 weeks ago

Turned it off as soon as I saw black history month! Fuck black history month! Where are the White, Asian, Hispanic and Indian History Months. All of them have done way more for American History than blacks!
Andy Thompson

Andy Thompson . 3 weeks ago

Hagler was robbed in the first fight

wrlord . 3 weeks ago

Jeez, this guy looks like he was in a fight before the fight even starts!

DF . 3 weeks ago

18:40 .... Panama Lewis would never!! 🤥
Brandi Lord

Brandi Lord . 3 weeks ago

Vito had no business ever being in the ring with Marvin.
Nicola Musardo

Nicola Musardo . 3 weeks ago

Marvin un grande campione, ma Vito antuofermo un guerriero

VMAXBX . 3 weeks ago

Oh, we're talking about race now? Hagler was married to a white woman and moved to Italy. He was just a man fighting another man, and didn't think his race accomplished something because he beat an Italian.
Gerardo Malacara

Gerardo Malacara . 3 weeks ago


wezacker . 3 weeks ago

Antuofermo's lethal lead forehead didn't hold up this time. Oh look. There's Panama Lewis.
Petyr Kowalski

Petyr Kowalski . 3 weeks ago

Vito needed a big glove on his head since he used it like a fist.
Danny red57

Danny red57 . 3 weeks ago

Probably lost a quart of blood in that one
Danny red57

Danny red57 . 3 weeks ago

U need an umbrella if u sat ringside from all that blood lol
Andrea Spiniello

Andrea Spiniello . 3 weeks ago

Riposa in pace meraviglioso
Dante Hummons

Dante Hummons . 3 weeks ago

Never ran never will
Dante Hummons

Dante Hummons . 3 weeks ago

Rip in heaven warrior
Robert Ilardi

Robert Ilardi . 3 weeks ago

Marvin the best ever he fought everyone and never backed down. He beat Leonard no champion should lose on a split decision.
Da Beast From Da Weast

Da Beast From Da Weast . 3 weeks ago

*>Antuofermo butts while leading with his head* Freddie Brown: _"I can't believe Hagler would do this"_
Gang Of Four

Gang Of Four . 3 weeks ago

I was there live at this fight. Hagler didn't leave it to the judges đź‘Ť

A1 . 3 weeks ago

The reason Antuofermo cut so much is because he leads with his head, he butted Hagler in the first round, his trainer was a disgrace he knew Hagler didn't headbutt his fighter. RIP Marvelous Marvin you were a class act , one of my favourite boxers of all time.

hammer44head . 4 weeks ago

Absolutely shameful of Antuafermo's cornermen to have behaved like that, Vito clearly did a billy goat on hagler. It wasnt even questionable.
Richard Stevens

Richard Stevens . 4 weeks ago

WHO was this Marvin Hagler?! HOW good an American fighter was this bald headed dude?! I had ALL QUESTIONS...AND MORE..answered by the time the bottles and cans came spraying & flying through & into that London ring. Alan Minter, fighting for all his worth against a black man he & those 'fans' had contempt for, took one heck of a beating before relinquishing his title. The Age o HAGLER had begun!! Respect has rarely been as well & fully earnt & remained Marvin's career. He was a strong champion who told it as it is. Marvellous...RIP. You seldom gave any in the ring...& we fans LOVED IT!
Scott Prazak

Scott Prazak . 4 weeks ago

Hagler was a friggin machine!!!
Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas . 4 weeks ago

Panama Lewis is one of the dirtiest people in boxing. He’s such a huge POS.
Laurent Roux

Laurent Roux . 4 weeks ago

Due grande pugile!
Liam Keogh

Liam Keogh . 4 weeks ago

Everything about Hagler is Great.
John Deagle

John Deagle . 4 weeks ago

Don Vito's head is the biggest target I've ever seen. How could Hagler miss?

marcxopoco . 4 weeks ago

A cut that high on the forehead can only come from a butt
Italo Ortega

Italo Ortega . 4 weeks ago

Que título que casi mata nada verídico porque ? Simplemente , le pudo conectar un buen golpe y se encontró una Victoria después de esta perdiendo @aunque el fanatismo le impide ser objetivo a muchos mejicanos

drumtum . 4 weeks ago

R.I.P Marvelous! Simply the best!
ma pa

ma pa . 4 weeks ago

Hank Aaron says it wasn't the vaccine (which is really experimental gene therapy).
thomas scoot

thomas scoot . 4 weeks ago

Vito always tended to tie up marvin he never really boxed

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