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Evelyn Evelyn [DSMP Animatic]


Published on 1 month ago

I did this way back, like a day before Tommy's exile. This was just for fun :)

Song: Evelyn Evelyn
Artist:Evelyn Evelyn

Also, the reason why there's people from a month ago before post was because they're a patron :D
You get some small early access to future videos in my parteon.


And I also have a Discord Server :D

Comments :

park builder Minecraft Mod

park builder Minecraft Mod . 1 hour ago

I don't remember seeing this in Pokémon.. Well then again I haven't heard "POGCHAMP" in Pokémon either..
blue wolf

blue wolf . 1 hour ago

I like the scarf for tommy
Sad Guy 4 ever

Sad Guy 4 ever . 1 hour ago

Roses are red Violets are blue Dont miss with Sad-ist or she will impress YOU
CookieAnimal 2 Gacha

CookieAnimal 2 Gacha . 3 hours ago

The voices fit so good! Please someone donate this to Tommy and Tubbo!
arin bunny

arin bunny . 3 hours ago

cool !

Hulk•YT . 4 hours ago

S u g a r C h e r r i

S u g a r C h e r r i . 4 hours ago

Tubo: * touches tommy * Tommy: *touch me again and you'll just be dust in the wind*

Command_Master01 . 5 hours ago

Wow, this is truely amazing Am I alllowed to ask which program you used for this?
Heather Estrada

Heather Estrada . 7 hours ago


Woosh . 7 hours ago

You haven’t uploaded in a month I keep checking now and than to see if you have uploaded please upload :(((

st3llar . 7 hours ago

then they made up and hugged :)
Hdhdudgdi Hdbudbdu

Hdhdudgdi Hdbudbdu . 8 hours ago

sad plz unban me from discord they was no ruel that said you should not ping SAD! plz!

Horror!Sans . 9 hours ago

The voices of Tommy and tubbo is a same who think like that?
Zaina Arslan

Zaina Arslan . 10 hours ago

Wait a minute. . .anyone notice the dream smile at the end????? Lore? Animatic Lore?
Pink Lemon

Pink Lemon . 11 hours ago

i can't stop watching this, help
Safeera Kaka

Safeera Kaka . 11 hours ago

it was always a cool thought that what if there was a dream smp colonial edition animation. So are you up to the challenge sad-ist

Snissassa . 12 hours ago

You need to use Tommy Ljungberg - Black Hole
Billy Brown

Billy Brown . 12 hours ago

So how long do you think you’ll do dresmp animatics?
Elton Cruz

Elton Cruz . 14 hours ago

‘Curly_Clouds ‘

‘Curly_Clouds ‘ . 16 hours ago

The song :i feel something missing Me:YEAh RANBOO
SkyHyper YT

SkyHyper YT . 16 hours ago

Uhhh flipaclip?
Jeff Flores

Jeff Flores . 17 hours ago

there is a new smp can you do it? oh wait you stick with dearm nvm but its on DanTDM's twitch
a sock? a wizard's sock?

a sock? a wizard's sock? . 18 hours ago

Imagine this song but with Tommy and Dream stuck in prison together

XxH3LL BOYxX . 18 hours ago

Just waiting for the animation where technoblade makes a crater untill bedrock
Joel Medina

Joel Medina . 21 hours ago

tubbo and tommy grew up in a cadillac

Mighty . 22 hours ago

i love how tubbo and tommy and the song the music lines up and MMMM YES
Cuphead _2601

Cuphead _2601 . 23 hours ago

Whoever sang this sounds the same with both of them
Teagan Burgess

Teagan Burgess . 1 day ago

Well we sure got the SAD part of SAD-ist's animations
Delainey Brannen

Delainey Brannen . 1 day ago

*cries in smp fan*

Froggy_plays . 1 day ago

wow SAD-ist.. this is something else, you did a really good job

Visionn . 1 day ago

If you need me I'll be re-watching this like 20 times.
Fr0ggy Innit

Fr0ggy Innit . 1 day ago

Ivanna Herrera Hernández

Ivanna Herrera Hernández . 1 day ago

Sadist u shuld do an animatic of gostbur and fish niki I was thiking of a seen wen its day and niki Is in the water whith gostbur But with the Evelin Evelin song so tell me wat u think
Tommyinnit girl version

Tommyinnit girl version . 1 day ago

Its really like tommy and tubbo🙂
Felicia Gabrielsson

Felicia Gabrielsson . 1 day ago

I’m crying... 😭
Ella Holloway

Ella Holloway . 1 day ago

For ur next animation u should do the Philza and Wilbur fight (the fight about ‘friend’)
Assa ssin

Assa ssin . 1 day ago

Dream VS Technoblade: Damn this is cool and super lit imma sub to this guy. Dawn of 16th: Alright this just sent chills down my spine.l, HOW IS HE DOING THIS. This one: Why am I emotional and cofuuuuuuuuused, this guy really need an award. Really exited for the next one.

GPCrafty . 1 day ago

I searched up sad-ist but without the dash. I'm scarred for life.

Sleeper . 2 days ago


匚卂尺尺ㄖㄒㄒ卄丨匚匚 . 2 days ago

im like a bit more than a month late but oml this is so poggers
reliza pog

reliza pog . 2 days ago

im the thumbnail when I fell on toh
Just GHG

Just GHG . 2 days ago

MCYT: ... SAD-ist: **exists** MCYT: WATCH IT NOW, WATCH IT NOW!!! Animators: :(
2 reptiles for now

2 reptiles for now . 2 days ago

In my class you said u were the owner of this channel so hi
John's gills

John's gills . 2 days ago

How about animate some dreamsmp memes- If it's ok for you

-karlsfrogskin . 2 days ago

You have a great taste in music
Just Claire

Just Claire . 2 days ago

So like you making a animatic for a short part of a song made me imagine.. the possibilities... what else could be animated that is about the length of this video... JUMPED IN THE CADILLAC—

IsItMuch? . 2 days ago

Song Evelyn Evelyn Artist Evelyn Evelyn Album Evelyn Evelyn.....

Dragonite . 2 days ago

I really like your animation! can i use your drawing as my practice for drawing, (details)
Kami Morales

Kami Morales . 2 days ago

In the end when Tommy look up it looks like he realizes what he said and kinda feels bad for getting Tubbo so mad and realizes when he actually sees his face... (idk maybe it's just me lol)
Imelda N. Dionio

Imelda N. Dionio . 2 days ago

the fact the animator is a Filipino: Wtf

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